Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mighty Super Heroes A.K.A. FASERIP or MSH

Well mid-summer is upon us and as happens every year to my gaming group we lose players every session due to live, trips, work and vacations.

As such I find it is best to run a campaign where folks can drop in and out between sessions and not disrupt the storyline/plot.

Superheroic roleplaying to the rescue!

When it comes to superheroes there is only one game that all my players can agree on and that is Marvel Super Heroes Roleplaying Game from TSR, a.k.a. FASERIP, though we just called it MSH.

This is in no way a slight against any other game, especially SUPERS! of which I am a part owner, it is just that I game with people mostly my age and they know MSH well and more importantly they don't want to learn a new system most of the time.

So with that in mind I have begun work on a new campaign for them, which has kept me creative and excited!  More on that campaign in a future post (and I will try to cross-stat it for SUPERS! as well).

Go here for full size!
The first thing I had to do was gather my House Rules, that is the easiest as some I have used for the past almost 30 years of playing MSH and some I grab off the internet.

Then I make a colour chart to include said house rules, it looks something like this.  I am rather proud of that myself.

Go here for full size!
Next I make the astounding (amazing? remarkable?) Unipage!  This is a one
page sheet that provides some important stuff for players to have for the games.

Lastly I have my Whimsy Cards, of which I am very proud!

With that I await the first session and updating you with not only excitement and drama, but some stats as well!


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