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Lady America - MSH

So I've decided that I will post the occasional member of the Zenith Universe fir my Mighty Super Heroes hack of Marvel Super Heroes (FASERIP).  The reason I am doing this is because first I make (very little) money by selling heroes and villains for other systems and secondly because I cannot sell characters for MSH legally but I REALLY want to share these characters with you!

Note these characters will be build using my House Rules which you might want to take a look at them to understand the differences.

So without further ado, let's get down to business!

Let's start with the character sheet.

Art by Oliver Castaneda
Name: Lady America
Secret Identity: Amanda Reese

F: Am(50) A: In(40)    S: Ex(20)   E: Rm(30)
R: Gd(10)  I: Rm(30)  P: Ex(20)

Popularity: Uy(80) Resources: Ex(20)
Health: 140 Karma: 60 Initiative: +7 (+12 in Melee)

Powers & Equipment
Armour Cloth Suit – Ex(20) protection vs. FORCE and Ty(06) vs. ENERGY

Martial Arts A – Slam & Stun regardless of comparative STR/END
Martial Arts B – +1CS Fighting Unarmed
Martial Arts C – +1CS STR for Grappling & Escaping, +1CS Agility for Dodging
Martial Arts D – Ignore Body Armor for Slam & Stun
Martial Arts E – +1 to Initiative
Martial Arts F – +1CS damage, HTH can be Edged
Martial Arts G – +1CS Dodge, -1CS Damage
Martial Arts H – +1 Attack after 1 Round
Martial Arts I – +1CS to Recovery FEATs and +1CS vs. Slam & Stun
Martial Arts J – +1CS to Evasion FEATs
Martial Arts K – +1CS to Blocking and vs. Slams & Stuns
Master of the Martial Arts
Quick Striking  +1CS on Multiple Action FEATs and +1 Initiative
Thrown Objects
Thrown Weapons

Positive Quirks                 Negative Quirks
Benefactor                         Attitude: Hard Ass
Fame                                  Duty
Fighting Logistics              Enemy: Überfrau
Reputation                         Nightmares
Static                                  Personal Code: No Man Left Behind
Quick Learning                  Zealot: America

So there she is, in all her glory, though there are a few things that need to be explained as well.

She has a Negative Quirk called Nightmares (which I made up) and it requires her to make a Psyche FEAT, Yellow result or better, with a -2CS each night.  If she fails this roll, she does not sleep well and suffers a blanket -1CS to everything the next day.

Her Duty is to the Government of the United States of America and specifically to the Oval Office from where she takes her marching orders.

Her enemy is Überfrau, whom she has sworn to one day bring before the courts to be held accountable for her atrocities.

This ties into her No Man Left Behind code, which requires her to make a Psyche FEAT to leave an injured ally on the field of battle.

Lastly she is a Zealot for the ideal of America and American values.  She is no fan of corporations and bankers, but she would require a Psyche FEAT to go against the orders of the President.

Roleplaying Lady America is essentially 1 part John Rambo, 1 part Ellen Ripley and 1 part John Wayne.  She is not a hokey icon like Captain America is so often portrayed.  Unlike him she lived through the years and changed with the times.

She is a relentless hard-ass who treats everyone like they are in the military primarily because she has been for over 70 years, but she is loyal as hell and will never give up on an ally.

Well there she is, maybe next time I'll bust out a piece about the one time she had powers.  In the meantime please let me know what you think in the comment section below.


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