Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ultimate Star Trek: Ship Update!

Hello everyone.

So originally my plan for my eventual Ultimate Star Trek campaign was to put the players on the USS Enterprise NCC-2123 (I don't do the A, B, C, D, etc... thing), an Excelsior Class Refit;

Image by Merc-Raven

She is a beauty to say the least, she really is and I like her a lot.  Then something happened to me this week that blew my mind.  I can't remember what I was looking for, but in one of those Google adventures, I stumbled on this;

Exeter Class Cruiser from Star Trek Online
I was captivated!  I started searching for more of her!  I needed to see more and was not disappointed by the amount of images that have been made/posted about her.  Most came from Star Trek Online, but then I found this one;

Image by celticarchie
This is just a beautiful ship.  Yes I would change the engines, and if I find a good 3D artist who could do it for me, I would get rid of the "glowy" bits in favour of the more traditional Movie Era nacelles, but even if I don't this is still a beauty of a ship.

So this leads me to the idea of having to make a slight change to the Ultimate Star Trek timeline. Currently the USS Proxima is renamed Enterprise by Admiral Wesley, but since I like the original Excelsior Class names from FASA, I will need another name for this one...  Since FASA had originally called the Constitution Refit the Enterprise Class Cruiser so why not use that?

From the FASA Federation Ship Recognition Manual
What greater honour could there be for the Enterprise not only to ALWAYS be the flagship of the Federation but to also have a class named after her?

I like that not only not only because it is cool to me, it is also right in line with FASA Trek which is always the largest influence on Ultimate Star Trek.

Now that said I need to make some changes to the timeline AND the NCC listings, because I want her NCC to be 2323 (yes occult symmetry.  Don't judge my OCD!).  So I need to add a large number of ships into the timeline, which the 2 year Genesis War lets me add tons!  So seeing a massive gear up into the war and then a nice fall back but still at higher numbers as we head toward 2261, the Centennial of the Federation.  Here is the change to the NCC list;

USS Voyager NCC-2117; USS Proxima NCC-2123
 USS Farscape NCC-2281
USS Enterprise NCC-2323

Now to fix the timeline we need to adjust the text as so;

• Admiral Robert Wesley is chosen over Admiral Lawrence Styles as the new Commander Starfleet. Wesley’s “Address to the Fleet” (Broadcast on the Federation News Net) praises the ideals of Admiral Kirk and proclaims that “from this day forward there will always be a USS Enterprise and she will always be the Flagship of the Federation.” As per the Admiral's orders, the USS Exeter  NCC-2323, Class ship for the new Exeter Class Heavy Cruiser, is renamed Enterprise, thus making her the first Enterprise Class Heavy Cruiser.

Now I will leave you with some more nice pictures of this sexy beast of a ship!


  1. I agree with you about the beauty of this ship design. It's magnificent. This basic configuration has always been something that I have marvelled at, and this particular rendering has to be my favorite!

  2. I rather like that ship, but I'm weird when it comes to Trek, I liked Voyager (the ship) a lot. I like a bit more pointy ness to my ships. Of course I fly this is STO: