Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ultimate Star Trek - Who Boldly Goes There?

You ever notice something about Star Trek (original series)?  There is only one competent Captain in the entirety of Star Fleet (TOS spelling).  That's right, this guy;

Smug fat bastard!
The idea that the Enterprise is the only ship in the quadrant (which gets even funnier in the Next Gen vernacular) is a lazy writers hammer tool, but even when there are other Captain's around, Kirk makes them look like this;

Captain Derp to the bridge!
Or even worse, it seems the rigorous Star Fleet psyche evaluations often miss Captains who eventually turn into this;

No clever caption, just two shades of evil.
So naturally this makes Kirk even MORE amazing, sine while he is racing around the Galaxy, kisses green chicks, breaking rules, destroying super intelligent computers and beating Klingons, he is also proving to be better than everyone else!  Who else does that remind me of?  Well...;

Set phasers on WOOOO!!!!!
...but I digress.  I have a point to make and it is this.  When designing the Ultimate Star Trek universe, I felt the need to take the famous missions of the USS Enterprise and divide them up amongst the captains of ALL the Constitution Class Cruisers, showing that of course those ships were in the hands of the literal "best & brightest" Starfleet (I prefer this spelling) had to offer.  Yes a few of them do go mad, space is a pretty horrifying place when you stare into the endless black (Firefly had my fav take on that... well up until Serenity... but again I digress), but the point is that not just ONE ship saves the day or does everything.

Some of you won't like this, but hey... Ultimate Star Trek... remember?

I will post the timeline soon and I hope you all enjoy it!


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