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Ultimate Star Trek: Timeline Part Three

Here it is, the last part of the Ultimate Star Trek timeline.  You may notice that this is where the timeline really diverges from canon.  I have actively folded in plenty of stuff from all aspects of Star Trek that I could fine.

Hopefully you will find this an entertaining and exciting conclusion to the Ultimate Star Trek timeline.

Thanks for reading it.

The Cold War
2246 - 2260

With the often challenged birth and the bold explosiveness of the awakening behind, the UFP began to look at the third part of her first century in a different light.

Taking the lessons learned and having Admirals who had truly gone where no one had gone before, Starfleet asserted itself as the premier fleet in the Quadrant.

The Federation herself now wielded tremendous influence in the politics of the Quadrant and the Romulans and Klingons could not risk outright war without paying a massive cost in resources, lives and money. A three-way cold war began, with minor players like the Kzin, Cardassians and Gorns on the side lines and the Ferengi attempting to exploit it all.

The came Genesis and the Cold War got hot.

In the end the Federation survived and even seemed on a road towards a more peaceful existence with their age old enemies, the Klingon Empire. Only time will tell what the next hundred years will bring for the Federation.


• Debris from the USS Yamato is discovered in the Voltair system, some 150 light-years from her last known position. No log-buoy is found.

• Work on Project Genesis begins at Space Station Regula 1. It takes the Starfleet Corps of Engineers 10 months to tunnel out a cavern in the lifeless Regula planetoid.


• A giant energy cloud named V'Gr moves towards Earth at a desperate speed. Admiral Kirk is ordered by Starfleet to take command of the refit Enterprise from Captain Willard Decker and intercept the cloud. Kirk is able to succeed at the mission, but lists Captain Decker and Navigation officer Lt. Illya as Missing In Action. Admiral Kirk steps down from the command of Enterprise and Captain Spock is given command. Enterprise is transferred to the Starfleet Training Command.


• Spacedock is completed in Low Earth Orbit. It is the largest space station ever constructed by the Federation.

• The Tomed Incident results in the death of all persons on the surface of the planet Tomed and the destruction of 3 Starfleet ships and 5 Romulan vessels. Both sides, anxious to prevent war, hastily draft the Treaty of Algeron. In the treaty the Romulans to cease their technological exchange with the Klingons and the Federation agrees to not develop cloaking technology. Many on both sides view the treaty as flawed and irresponsible.


• Captain Jean-Luc Picard assumes command of the USS Stargazer NCC-1987. The ship is assigned to chart and explore the Draconis Outback.

• Laboratory tests of Transwarp drive prove successful. Starfleet immediately approves the "Great Experiment", the building of a Transwarp battleship to be named USS Excelsior.


• The USS Stargazer makes first contact with the Ferengi when one of their ships opens fire on them. Commander Jack Crusher, First Officer of the Stargazer, is killed in the incident. The Ferengi Commerce Authority issues an apology after Picard captures the Ferengi ship and holds it for piracy. Starfleet orders Picard to release the ship and Federation diplomats journey to Ferenginar to establish formal channels of communication.


• The USS Reliant NCC-1846, is commandeered by 20th Century renegade Khan Noonian-Singh who then proceeds to Regula 1 and steals Genesis. Admiral Kirk assumes command of the Enterprise and rushes to the area. After a spectacular battle in the Mutara Nebula, Khan detonates the Genesis Device, destroying reliant and the Nebula. In the wake of the explosion a new planet has been formed and it is called Genesis. Admiral Kirk reports that Captain Spock was Killed In Action.


• USS Excelsior NX-2000, begins her trial runs under the command of Captain Lawrence Stiles.

• Admiral Kirk, Captain Scott and Commanders Sulu, Uhura and Chekov, break Dr. McCoy out of a Federation detention center, steal the badly damaged USS Enterprise, sabotage the USS Excelsior and make for the Genesis Planet.

• The USS Grissom NCC-1940, assigned to study the Genesis Planet, is destroyed by a renegade Klingon ship intent on stealing the secrets of Genesis. Enterprise arrives on scene and is destroyed after a brief battle. Escaping the surface with his cohorts, Admiral Kirk manages to not only rescue the reborn Captain Spock, but also capture the Klingon ship and escape as the Genesis Planet is destroyed. Travelling to Vulcan, there Captain Spock’s Katra (living soul) is returned to his body via the Vulcan ritual of Fal’Tor’Pan.


• The colony on Turkana IV severs all ties with the Federation. All communication with the rogue colony is lost.

• An alien probe searching for the extinct humpback whale species threatens Earth. Kirk and his crew travel to the past in their Klingon Bird-of-Prey, find two humpbacks and manage to return, with the whales, to the 23rd Century. Standing before the UFP Council, Kirk’s crew is pardoned for the Genesis Planet affair, while he is reduced in rank from Admiral and assigned to command the new USS Enterprise (formerly the USS Ticonderoga NCC–1717). In protest the Klingons remove all ambassadorial staff from Federation space.


• The Federation and Cardassian Union sign an official Cease Fire along the border, bringing to an end 22 years of border skirmishes.

• Spock's illogical half-brother Sybok seizes control of the Enterprise and with his telepathic abilities he influences the crew except for Kirk, Spock and McCoy to head for the edge of the galaxy to a planet called Sha-Ka-Ree. At their arrival the landing party is received by a strange being that claims to be God. Kirk deduces quickly that this being isn't God at all, but the now nearly omnipotent Gary Mitchell. Mitchell kills Sybok and as the crew of the Enterprise watches him toy with Kirk, Elizabeth Dehner appears to them. She convinces Spock to use the Enterprise’s sensor dish to create a Genesis type energy wave to end Mitchell’s madness. As she distracts Mitchell and Kirk is beamed to safety, the “Genesis Wave” is fired. Instead of killing the two, it reforms Sha-Ka-Ree into a paradise and elevates them to almost “god-like” beings. Cured of his insanity, Mitchell begs Kirk’s forgiveness and promises that he and Elizabeth will shepherd over Sha-Ka-Ree. Kirk agrees and upon reaching home convinces Starfleet to quarantine the planet like Talos IV.


• Bajoran terrorists begin striking at Cardassian targets in the Bajoran Sector. The Federation Council openly condemns these acts of terrorism as counter-productive to eventual Bajoran freedom.

• Klingon Agents learn of the Sha-Ka-Ree incident and declare that Captain Kirk has, on behalf of the Federation, has continued to develop the Genesis weapon. Sighting that this spells nothing less than the doom of the Klingon Empire, a Klingon attack is launched against multiple Federation and Starfleet locales along the border. War is declared by both sides.


• Word reaches the Federation that a workers rebellion lead by a Romulan named Shinzon has occurred within the Romulans Empire. All attempts to contact the Romulan government are met with static.

• After the disastrous explosion of their moon Praxis destroys all life on the Klingon home world, the only surviving High Council member Chancellor Gorkon offers peace to the Federation. A joint conspiracy of Klingon and Starfleet officers, however, strives to obstruct the peace plans by all means. Gorkon is killed, and Kirk and McCoy are arrested and condemned by the Klingons. After they have been freed, they head for the Khitomer peace conference, where they defeat the traitors with the help of the USS Excelsior and Captain Sulu.


• The Cardassians and Federation negotiate a withdrawal from the Bajoran Sector. The Cardassians in return will receive colonies along the border currently under Federation control. This leads the creation of a DMZ along the Federation/Cardassian border. Many are outraged by the action, but it is carried through. Federation colonists are offered full transportation off of Colonies that have changed hands. Some agree, others do not and forfeit their Federation citizenship.

• The planet Chal, long since abandoned by the Klingons and Romulans, makes contact with the Federation to establish formal diplomatic ties. Not all on Chal agree with this action and a civil war erupts on the planet. The Federation refuses to dispatch or receive ambassadors until the war is resolved.

• Captain Spock retires his commission and joins the Federation Diplomatic Corps.


• A terrorist group calling themselves the Maquis begins operating in the Cardassian DMZ. Their demands are simple, total withdrawal of all Cardassian forces from the former Federation Colonies. The Cardassians do not comply. The first act of the Maquis is to destroy a Cardassian warship ferrying members of the Detapa Council. This causes an increase of brutality in the DMZ against non-Cardassians. The Federation Council issues an immediate statement condemning the actions and declaring the Maquis as outlaws.

• Captain Kirk finally retires from Starfleet and is hired by the Chal government to head their defense fleet. While the incident is classified at the highest levels, what is know is that the decommissioned USS Enterprise (Donated by Starfleet to the Chal government) is destroyed as well as Commander Starfleet Admiral Androvar Drake somehow being killed in the incident.

• The USS Stargazer delivers Commander Benjamin Sisko to the former Cardassian mining station Terok Nor, now run by a joint Bajoran/Starfleet crew and renamed Deep Space 9. Within days of taking command, Sisko and crew discover a stable wormhole linking the Bajoran Sector to the Gamma Quadrant. Within the wormhole, Sisko encounters a race of very powerful aliens, known to the Bajora as the Prophets. He is named their Emissary and begins having infrequent contact with them through visions.

• Shamed by recent cases of corruption with Starfleet, the Federation President re-activates James Kirk at the rank of Admiral and orders him to become the new Commander Starfleet. Kirk agrees, but requests a short vacation first to prepare himself. While on route to Earth to assume his new position, Admiral Kirk’s shuttle fails to check in at Epsilon XII. A massive search of nearly 60 ships fails to turn up a trace. Admiral Kirk is reluctantly listed as Missing.


• The USS Voyager NCC-2117, a Miranda Class vessel, is lost while pursuing Maquis rebels in an area of space known as the Badlands. She is believed lost with all hands on board.

• Retiring from Starfleet, Captain Scott embarks the SS Jenolan to continue the search for Admiral Kirk.

• Admiral Robert Wesley is chosen over Admiral Lawrence Styles as the new Commander Starfleet. Wesley’s “Address to the Fleet” (Broadcast on the Federation News Net) praises the ideals of Admiral Kirk and proclaims that “from this day forward there will always be a USS Enterprise and she will always be the Flagship of the Federation.” As per the Admiral's orders, the USS Proxima, NCC-2123 is renamed Enterprise.

Boldly going to adventures beyond the final frontier...

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