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Ultimate Star Trek: Timeline Part One

Presented here is the Timeline for the Ultimate Star Trek campaign universe. It is essentially a hybrid or amalgam of various existing Star Trek timelines (TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, FASA, etc...), but also has some original ideas thrown in as well. It is by no means a complete timeline of events and only covers from the Birth of the Federation to the (in game) present day.

The timeline uses the Terran calendar to provide a common frame of reference instead of forcing a stardate system into it.

It is a fairly large document so I have broken it down into sections, or eras represented within the timeline itself.  This is part one.

The Birth of the Federation
2161 - 2227

The birth of the Federation in 2161 was a bold step in the history of the Alpha Quadrant. Never before had such an undertaking been attempted, let alone proposed. Despite the naysayers the first Babel Conference, held on Earth, lasted 152 days but ended with the signing of the Articles of the Federation.

While many celebrated the act, many also predicted a short life for the new Federation and certainly within the next 66 years the unity would be tested.

In the end though, with no small thanks to Starfleet, the Federation managed to survive the challenges and become the most influential body in the Alpha Quadrant.


• The Birth of the Federation occurs. The Andorians, Vulcans, Humans, Tellerites and Alpha Centauran colonies sign the Articles of the Federation in Paris. A side note is that from this day forward, the 1st of every New Year is an official holiday called Federation Day. The Orion Colonies are offered membership but decline, instead signing the Neutrality Pact, declaring themselves officially neutral in all affairs of the Alpha Quadrant. As such they are allowed free access to Federation territories as merchants and traders. Orion slavery is frowned upon but not yet outlawed. According to the Pact, if any proof can be brought to dispute Orion Neutrality, Orion vessels would be barred from accessing Federation systems and violators seized.

• As per the Articles of the Federation, Starfleet and Starfleet Command are founded. The United Earth Space Probe Agency headquarters in San Francisco are selected as the sight of Starfleet HQ. Captain Jonathan Archer, hero of the Earth/Romulan War, becomes the first official Starfleet Captain.


• The period of withdrawal from the Romulan Neutral Zone permitted under the Treaty of Charon is over. From this time on, no military vessel may cross or enter the Zone.

• The USS Daedalus NCC-001, begins her trials under Captain Archer. She is the first Starfleet designed and built vessel.

• Space buoys are deployed along major shipping lanes within the Federation in an effort to improve safety for merchants.


• Starfleet Academy opens its doors on Earth near to Starfleet HQ. At the same time NCO training facilities begin operations on most Federation member worlds and later major starbases.

• The USS Daedalus NCC-001, launches on active duty under Captain Archer. Federation shipyards gear up production of the Daedalus Class starships.

• A Vulcan Science Academy team attempts to seal a subspace rupture in the Hanoli system by detonating a pulse wave torpedo. This inadvertently sets off a chain reaction that destroys the system and everyone in it. This leads to a unilateral ban of studying weapons technologies by the Vulcan Science Academy.


• Starbase 1 becomes operational. It serves as the first step of the Federations commitment to creating permanent stations to help safeguard space traffic.

• A group of Native Americans, seeking to preserve their cultural identity, leave earth to search for a planet on which they can establish a colony.

• The USS Archon NCC-020, disappears during a survey of planet Beta III in the C-111 star system

• The USS Horizon NCC-008, visits Sigma Iotia II. A book called Chicago Mobs of the Twenties is left behind which serves as a model for the planet's new society. Shortly after leaving the ship is destroyed in an ion storm and it takes more than 75 years for the sublight distress call to reach Starfleet Command.


• The USS Essex NCC-013, is caught in an electromagnetic storm and destroyed above the Class M moon of Mau-Bu VI.

• Rigel defies the other members of the Orion Colonies and joins the Federation. This is a major victory for the Federation as it now allows Starfleet vessels to enter the Orion Colonies.

• Phaser technology is perfected and replaces the standard lasers being used by Starfleet.


• Abraham Dannon, author of the Earth/Romulan treaty and chief negotiator of its provisions, is assassinated at a political rally where he is giving an address.

• Starfleet's initial network of manned and automated outposts along the Neutral Zone become operational.

• The first major wave of settlements in the Triangle begins. Over the years this area will become a sort of independent zone between the Klingons, Romulans and Federation. No side can risk making claim over it without causing a general war.


• The USS Demarko NCC-169, first visits the planet Risa. The residents welcome the Federation explorers and encourage them to spread word of the planet throughout the Quadrant.

• A Federation physicist is able to synthesize a single Omega Particle. The resultant explosion of the unstable particle destroys %60 of the surface of Lantaru V and kills 126 of the Federation's leading scientists.

• The Battle of Delta Doraduc breaks the Orion pirate fleet, dealing a major blow to piracy and securing Federation merchant shipments.


• A major break through in propulsion results in the development of the Impulse Drive. The design will remain essentially unchanged through the modern day.


• Renewed hostilities with the Romulans are averted when a Romulan cruiser drifts across the Neutral Zone. The USS Anisantae NCC-222, escorts her back to the Zone after a short exchange of fire.


• Ships from the UFP Galactic Cultural Exchange Project complete their first visit to all Federation member worlds.


• Grahd of Tellar invents the first transporter. The device is unfit for living beings and will take decades to become a commonplace piece of technology.

• On Vulcan, T'Pau becomes the High Priestess of Seleya.


• Federation membership reaches 100 worlds.

• First contact with the Bolians is made when the USS Albert & Walter NCC-461, enters the Bolarus system.


• T'Pau turns down a seat on the Federation Council.

• The Cargo Transporter is perfected but is still unsafe for living matter.


• The Star's End settlement is colonized with the assistance of Starfleet's newly formed Colonial operations Command. This forms the largest colonial operation to date.


• First contact with the Sheliak Corporate leads to the Treaty of Armens.


• The Janus VI mining colony is established.

• Starfleet retires the last Daedalus-class starships.


• The S.S. Columbia crashes on Talos IV.

• The Vulcan Science Academy research vessel Seleya disappears while exploring a spatial anomaly known as the Expanse.


• Dilithium is first discovered to be useful for regulating matter/antimatter mixes in warp drives. Starfleet engineers have a few accidents with testing, but eventually manage to perfect the technique allowing travel past the Warp 5 barrier.


• The Transporter is perfected for use with living beings. At a military display, Klingon visitors reveal that they already have working transporters. Still, research proves that Federation transporters are safer for sentient creatures with less than a 1 percent chance of signal scramble.


• Dr. Richard Daystrom invents the Duotronic computer system. This breakthrough wins him the Nobel and Vulcan Science Academy prizes.

• In preparation for all out war with the Federation, the Klingons and Romulans establish the Chal colony. The colony will serve as a supply base and is populated by Klingon/Romulan fusions, to be used for organ transplants and other medical procedures.


• The Fours Years War begins when Klingon warships make two strikes across the Federation border. In actuality it is a feint designed to draw attention away from a Klingon fleet working towards the Axanar system.

• The Bank of Bolarus V is recognized by the Federation and becomes the major financial institution throughout the UFP.


• Photon torpedoes are developed. With the war in full swing, the entire fleet is rushed into upgrades from standard rocket propelled missiles to these superior weapons. Analysts will later point to this development as the turning point of the war in favor of the Federation.


• Captain Garth of the USS Arrow NCC-1171, manages to lead his squadron in a successful assault on a major Klingon shipbuilding facility at Kurek VI. This act cripples Klingon repair and shipbuilding near the disputed zone.


• The Four Years War ends with the Axanar Peace Mission. The Treaty of Axanar clearly defines the Klingon/Federation borders. The Klingons, having expected aid from the Romulans in the war are forced to make concessions to the Federation that result in massive changes within the Klingon High Council.

• The Asparax Confederation is formed. A loosely knit coalition of 4 planets in the space between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, trade treaties are offered to both governments so long as Asparaxian space is recognized. The recognition is given reluctantly by both sides to avoid another war.


• Federation membership reaches 150 worlds.

• The USS Valiant NCC-1300, is lost on an exploratory mission to Eminiar VII after reporting that the planet is at war with another planet in the system.


• First contact is made with the Cardassian Union. All Federation overtures towards peaceful and diplomatic ties are rebuffed.

• Klingon activities decrease dramatically along the Federation border. Starfleet Intelligence hypothesizes that the Klingons may be at war with an unknown enemy.

• The Cardassian Union officially annexes the Bajoran system. The UFP Council issues a statement condemning the act but votes against taking action against the Cardassians.


• Starfleet establishes the Prime Directive as Starfleet General Order 1, after a rather disastrous contact with a primitive race named the Hokuna. The non-interference directive will prevent all Starfleet personnel from interfering with the natural development of any civilization. The only punishment for officers found guilty of breaking the Prime Directive is full court martial.

• First contact with the Gorns occurs when the USS Kelly NCC-1402, opens fire upon a Gorn destroyer that is assaulting the Federation colony at Crimius. The Gorns are driven off by the Kelly, but soon return with more ships, making a picket line. Starfleet responds by sending all ships in the area to the Crimius system. Captain Garth, assigned to the picket duty, warns that this may be a ruse, but Starfleet Command dismisses his fears.

• The Gorn/UFP war begins when Gorn ships assault three border colonies. Using the Crimius Standoff as a diversion, Gorn cruisers make it to Izar and bombard the planet from orbit. The arrival of Captain Garth and a handful of ships are too late to prevent the death of more than 28 million Izarians. Garth leads the charge that drives the Gorn fleet all the way to the border and is enraged when Starfleet forbids him from chasing them into their space, as the Gorns immediately sue for peace. Starfleet promotes Garth to Fleet Captain, but many critics see it as an attempted placation.


• Klingon aggression returns with the launch of a sneak attack on the Federation colony on Ardan IV.

• After long and cautious negotiations the Gorns and Federation sign the Frontier Accord, limiting military activity in the disputed areas. Peace talks continue on Clanhaven. Fleet Captain Garth refuses to comment on the event.


• Cadet Spock becomes the first Vulcan in Starfleet, despite the wishes of his father, Federation Ambassador Sarek.

• The Gorns begin raiding activities against Federation shipping. Fleet Captain Garth is dispatched to the disputed area and ranks record numbers of kills. Observers later claim that he refused to accept surrender from any Gorn ship.


• Construction begins on 14 Constitution-class heavy cruisers at the San Francisco shipyards. Designed by human shipwright Matthew Jefferies, these ships will go to be considered the best ever designed by Starfleet.

• Kodos seizes power over Tarsus IV, declares martial law, and orders 4,000 people killed when a food shortage becomes critical.


• The Credit becomes the official unit of exchange within the Federation. It is approved for currency trading by the Bank of Bolarus.

To be continued...

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