Monday, May 6, 2013

Star Trek in the 25th Century

I have found myself inspired by this image I found on DeviantART that has gotten my mind fired up about doing a Star Trek campaign set in the year 2455.  50 years after the 2nd Dominion War shattered the Dominion completely and cemented the Federation as the singular superpower of the (known) Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

The image that started this all!
The Klingons, Romulans, Gorns, Cardassians and pretty much everyone other than the Tholians, Orions and Ferengi have joined the Federation and it has been a half century of peace, discovery and prosperity.  The Borg threat has never resurfaced since Voyager's destruction of their Transwarp network and war is now a thing of the past.

Many feel the Federation has grown soft and they may be right.

The campaign would centre on the crew of the new flagship Enterprise (1701 H), which is the first ship to bear the name in 20 years since the mysterious disappearance of the 1701 G (and the less said about 1701 F the better, yes this is a seed for a future plot point).  The best and the brightest have been chosen to be the crew and the ship is state-of-the-art, including a cloaking device, transwarp and slipstream drives and the first ever fully integrated AI ship's computer.

This is where the Abrams' Trek comes in handy, as his "Apple Store" set design works PERFECTLY as the 25th Century design aesthetic of Starfleet (though engineering would NOT be a fucking brewery!) and I think otherwise Starfleet would be feeling a certain nostalgia for the olden days and as such certain design aspects of the past would return.  For example the Enterprise H would be an Odyssey class starship that has an actual round primary hull, rather than the trend since the Intrepid class towards a more arrow shaped primary hull.

I know that I would change up the department colours, and since I think 3 departments is always limiting, they would divide Medical and Sciences into 2 separate departments, which I know many disagree with, but I am happy to.

Psiops would become a subdivision of Sciences, as Starfleet has learned the value of psionics, hence a division that specializes in it is necessary, but would be part of sciences.  It would be folded, much to the anger of Starfleet Medical, into the Ship's Counsellor program and placed under Sciences Command.

As such there are 5 Departments that run a ship;

• Command, which covers Flight Operations as well

• Tactical, which also covers Security Ops.

• Operations, which also covers Engineering

• Medical, which no longer is joined to Sciences

• Sciences, which has also taken Ship's Counsellor away from Medical

More to come as I figure it out.  Like for example I had decided the belt buckle on the uniform is a module that not only measures biometrics for the ship, also has an emergency transporter "rip chord" that activates the closest "safe" transporter to beam you out as well as providing a limited Class 1 environmental field which also acts as a personal shield (don't worry, it's only good for one hit from a Phaser type 2 before it goes down).

I found a ship that I like as the Ent H, but the design isn't done (seems the designer might have abandoned it a year or two back sadly) so it is only an inspiration for me now.

Anyone know how to 3D model and want to help? :)



  1. I love this concept and would love to be kept in on the loop... I am not really much of a 3D modeler, but there should be a decent number of them out there who can do what you're looking for easily.

  2. Nega, thanks for the words. Not sure how much more stuff I will develop for this, but just follow the blog and you'll get all my updates :)