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HEROIC: D6 Supers - Part 5 - Powers

Hey I heard you missed me, I'm back!  Okay and with that I will officially stop paraphrasing  Van Halen.  But yes, here I am, back on track and back with colour and vibe!  And today I am tackling the question of what changes to make with SUPERS! to work with my D6 HEROIC.

First up you will need to buy a copy of SUPERS! which can be done easily through RPGNOW.  While there you might also want to check out the free Quick Start rules.  No pressure, just saying.

Okay here we go.

The thing you need to know is that there are no "tiers" or "level costs" for powers.  All powers cost the same, 1D for 1D.  Why?  Because they ALL have the same level of usefulness and the more creative you are, the more useful a power will be.  In the hands of a very creative thinker, Super Leaping would be more useful than say Gravity Control in the hands of a linear thinker who only flies and blasts people.

Essentially, aside from minor rules/caveats, what your power can do is up to you and your Narrator to decide... on the fly... in play.  No power stunt rules or limitations, only fast paced, exciting super-heroic comic book action!

I am only going to list the powers that I have had to redefine or tweak for D6, the remaining powers function exactly as per SUPERS!

Now let's get down to brass tacks.

Armour: Use as a first step Soak roll (unless attack is Armour Piercing, see Power Boosts later) and any damage not soaked in this way then goes against normal Soak.

Duplicate Self: For every D in this power, the can double the number of duplicates.  So at 1D he can make 1, and 2D make 2, 3D gives 4, 4D gives 8, 5D gives 16, etc...  The trick is, for each duplicate past the first, they others gain a cumulative -1D to EVERYTHING.  So if only one Duplicate is made, they have full stats, but if more than one is made, ALL are reduced by the OVERALL total at -1 per D spent after the first.  So if you have 5D in Duplicate Self you can generate 16 duplicates, but they suffer a -4D to everything.  The more you spread yourself out, the less useful the copies are.  Think of it like a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy, etc...  The penalty can be bought off as a Boost, at the cost of the PENALTY, so if you want to remove up to -3D of penalty, it is a +3D boost.

Flight: As per SUPERS! but speed doubles with each +D added.  To fly in space requires a Boost called "Space Flight".

Healing: With this power the character can heal others with a touch.  the D in this power is rolled vs. a target number based on the wound level;

Stunned = Easy (1)
Wounded = Moderate (2)
Severe Wound = Very Difficult (3)
Incapacitated = Heroic (4)
Mortal Wound = Legendary (5)

Any successes beyond the target number reduce the wound an extra level.  For example, Devil Dog has taken a Severe Wound.  Faerie is going to use her healing of 5D on him.  She needs to get 3 successes to reduce his Severe Wound to just Wounded. She rolls and get a whopping 5 successes!   Devil Dog heals 3 wounds levels (1 for the TN, and 2 more for the extra successes).

Note this power cannot be used to resurrect the dead.

Mental Blast: This is resisted by a Mental Soak (average of Reason + Intutition + Psyche round down), but otherwise as per SUPERS!

Mental Shield: Functions not only as Armour for the mind, but can be used to resist ALL mental powers.  As per SUPERS! it gets weakened with each successive use per round.

Mind Control: Resisted with Psyche (Willpower).  For each success beyond the initial, add +1 round until the next attempt to break free.  Mind Control must be focused for the duration of the control and if the controller is attacked, the controlled gets an immediate attempt to break the control.

Power Drain:  Resisted by Body (Resistance), for every success 1D is drained from the target and added to ANY Attribute or Power of the attacker.  The bonus lasts until that power/attribute is used, or a number of rounds equal to the D in Power Drain, which ever comes first.  Targets recover drained powers at a rate of 1D per round after the attack.

Paralysis: Resisted by Body (Resistance), otherwise as per SUPERS!

Regeneration: As per healing but only localized to self.  Also to regrow limbs or missing body parts the target number is Unearthly (8).

Shape Change: There are 2 versions of this power, one is the ability to take on the appearance of anything and the other is to take on the appearance of specific people.

When changing shape into other forms animal or not, you may gain powers inherent to that form, based on a distribution of your Shape Change dice into said powers.  For each power the new form has, the difficulty of the Shape Change task is raised by +1.

In the second type of shape changing is being used, then each success creates the target number for others to detect that their is not the person it appears to be.

If a character wishes to have both types (very powerful) they raise the final cost by +1D.

Referees should be very careful of this power, as it can be abused by players.

Size Change: As per SUPERS! but with the bonus for Growing added to Body and removed from Agility and vice-versa for Shrinking.

Super Brain: Is added to all Reason tasks, including skills checks.  It is possible to go above 10D with this power.

Super Strength: For each 2D you have in Super Strength, add +1D to all Body related calculations regarding Damage (dealing and taking) and for any Skill that relates directly to raw physical power.

Rank    Benchmark
1          1 Ton
2          10 Tons
3          100 Tons
4          1000 Tons
5          5000 Tons
6          10,000 Tons
7          50,000 Tons
8          100,000 Tons
9          500,000 Tons
10        1,000,000 Tons

Vampiric Powers: Same as Power Drain but it targets physical Attributes (Fighting, Agility and Body).  If all these Attributes are reduced to 0D, the character is considered dead.

Webs: Do not cause damage and target Agility.

Wizardy: Functions as per SUPERS! but the Target Number is the amount of D in the final power/spell.  For example, if the Wiccan wanted to cast a flight spell of 4D, she would need 4 successes on her Wizardy roll.  Any extra successes beyond the target number are discarded, as this power is already very versatile.

That's it for the powers, but there are many powers not covered in SUPERS!, for those I highly recommend just winging it, unless you need a specific effect or result.  The beauty of SUPERS! is the openness of the powers (for the most part) and the flexibility they allow without forcing an arbitrary Power Stunt mechanic.

Up next; Power Complications and Power Boosts

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