Monday, March 11, 2013

Zenith Comics, You and Me

So here we are in the middle of March and Zenith Comics is still struggling to get our first comic out the door.

Often, when these long delays in achieving goals or even getting production done I tend to get a bit squirrelly and start second guessing myself.

Let me share that process with you so you can understand how my mind works.

I chose to write the story for issue 1 that I did for a very simple reason.  There was no way I could see to tell the history of the Zenith Universe without performing a massive info dump on the readers.  Not the best way to introduce a new universe, treating it like a history text book that is.

Now this just makes sense, introduce the universe in 3 steps, 1 a prologue that sets up some of the universe back story and presents a mystery.

2 tell the story of a new hero entering the world so we can see it through his eyes.  Again I can't resist tying him to the rest of the mystery without making it too obvious.

3 add in the epilogue that introduces a 3rd side to the whole conspiracy angle.

This works and everyone who has given feedback on the script (minus the epilogue, which as yet remains unwritten) has been very vocal and supportive, wanting to see it in print.

Alex is gay.  It is the way it is.  I thought about changing it, making him straight and not worrying about it, but he won't let me.  He wants what he wants and I have no choice but to obey that or I will betray the story.

Okay, I can more than live with that and it makes the story stronger and unique.

So why am I losing the faith?  Why am I getting squirrelly?

Simply the lack of progress, after losing 2 artists and now in a holding pattern with a 3rd while he gets some other projects done.  I don't want to announce him to your all or show you his work, until I see the first set of work on the Zenith Universe.

One bitten, twice shy as they say.

So what is the point of all this rant?  I have no idea really, I think I just needed to get it off my chest.

Look, there is one thing I want to say, and that is this.  I need your interaction, I need your feedback, support and hope.  I need some outside energy to help me rekindle my engines, cause the tank is running dry and it's 100 miles until the next gas station.

If you get what I mean.

Read the script here, share it with your friends, post comments below and even jump over to the Facebook page and start the chat there.

If you want to Zenith go forward, this is a way that costs you nothing and pays off in spades as it will revive my imagination and my work ethic to get this product up and out.

So there it is, this is me asking you to help me by showing me that you care or that there is interest.

Consider it a reaching out, a cry for help or a shot in the dark.

Whichever you choose to see it as, but if even 10 of you do what I am asking, that could be the start of a ball rolling.

This is me, hoping and praying in Montreal.



  1. Just want to say good luck man. I think Alex is an engaging hero and I want to read the next part of his adventures. Even if you don't get the art side going for awhile yet, I hope you are still working on the scripts, cause I would love to see the next one whenever you've done it.

  2. I know the art situation is frustrating. But - honestly - I've been eager to read Issue 2 (and beyond) ever since I read Issue 1. Please keep going :)

  3. Thank you both. See my latest post for goodnews.