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HEROIC: D6 Supers - Part 4 - Statistics

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Statistics are a series of calculated qualifiers that are used to determine various aspects of how the heroes interact with the campaign universe as well as a series of combat abilities.

Passive Defenses

Passive Defenses provide essentially target numbers for attacks against the heroes, with the exception of Soak.  What that means is that if the player does not wish to take an extra action to Actively Defend against an attack, the Passive Defense is the number of Successes that the attacked must beat to succeed against the hero.

Each Passive Defense is used against specific types of attack.

(Fighting + Intuition + Brawling/Martial Arts)/3 round up

Evading is the type of defense used in hand-to-hand fighting.  Against unarmed attacks, Evade is the target number the attacker must beat.  If the defender wishes to use an Active Evade, they use their Brawling or Martial Arts.

(Agility + Intuition + Athletics)/3 round up

Used only for ranged attacks, Dodge is the Passive Defense against bullets, arrows, energy blast, etc…  If the hero wishes to use an Active Defense, they would use their Athletics skill.

(Fighting + Agility + Melee Combat)/3 round up

When engaged in melee weapon combat, Parry is the Passive Defense that must be targeted.  If the hero that is being attacked has no weapon, shield or bracer (or other form of armor that can be used) the armed attacker must go against the Evade of the hero.  The Active Defense of this is Melee Combat, but requires some sort of item with which to parry the incoming attack.

Active Defenses

If the character is hit in combat, Active or Passive Defense not withstanding, they must Soak the incoming damage.  The base Soak of any hero is the average of their 4 physical statistics as dice that are used to reduce the incoming damage of any attack.  This number of dice can be added to by powers or physical types of armour that help reduce the incoming damage.  For more on damage see the combat section of the Game Rules later in this document.

(Fighting + Agility + Strength + Endurance)/4 round up

Karma, Hero, & Villain Points

Karma Points are a number of points there hero starts with for use in play.  Later in play they will gain and lose them through play, but at start they receive a total number of Karma equal to the average of their 3 mental attributes.  For more on the use of Karma, see the chapter on Karma later in this document.

(Reason + Intuition + Psyche)/3 round up

Hero Points are used by the character in desperate situations or when all odds are against them.  All characters start with 1 Hero Point at the beginning of play.  For more rules on the use and how to gain Hero Points refer to later in this document.

Villain Points are the evil equivalent of Hero Points.  Normally heroes do not start with any, unless they have specific Hindrances that provide them.  For the gaining and consequences of Villain Points, please refer to later in this document.

Figured Statistics


Fame is a numerical rating that represents the hero’s standing with the general populace of the campaign universe. This rating is used as a guideline to determine how ordinary folks react to your character’s heroic actions. Some heroes are generally feared and distrusted and will have very low popularity ratings no matter what they do. Other characters, like patriotic ones, are revered as icons of truth and justice and generally loved by the people of their own nation, though may be seen negatively in other nations. Characters with a high popularity generally have an easier time of things when it comes to dealing with the media, police and other representatives of the normal population.

The rating of Fame/Infamy is used as #D to persuade others and can be combined with the Persuasion skill when appropriate.

Depending on the campaign, this can start higher than 1D, but that is a decision for the Narrator to make.  If he is not starting at a higher base level of Fame/Infamy, then all characters start at 1 and may increase it by purchasing Perks that increase your starting rank.  Otherwise Fame/Infamy can be raised or lowered through play with cost or benefit.

Heroes can have two different Fame scores, one in costume and one out, unless they have the Public Identity Hindrance.

Rank      Benchmark
1             Unknown, recluse
2             Known to local populace
3             Known to local media
4             Known to general public
5             Known to mass media
6             Household name
7             Megastar
8             Worldwide fame
9             Living Legend
10           Icon


Your character’s Resources score represents his general wealth and his ability to purchase equipment he may need in his heroic activities. To better represent the availability of real-world funds we use an arbitrary system to represent your character’s ability to access funds.

All starting characters are expected to start with a 3 in Resources.  They may purchase higher ranks via Perks.  It may also be lowered from 3 by the taking of the Poor or Destitute Hindrances.  Though play events may raise or lower the Resources rank of the character and the Narrator is expected to provide these changes without cost (for raises) or benefit (for losses) to the character.

See the section on Equipment for more information on the proper use of Resources.

Rank      Benchmark
1             Unemployed or on social assistance/allowance
2             Freelancer, poor credit risk, students
3             Wage slave, lower middle class
4             Professional employment, middle class
5             Small inheritance, small business, upper middle class
6             Large business or chain of businesses, trust fund, lower upper class
7             Standard Corporation, millionaire, upper class
8             Large corporation, small nation
9             Multinational, government branch, major country, billionaire playboy
10           Super power nation, mega-corporation

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  1. I need to go back and do a more deep read through of all this, but wow, you have put a lot of thought into this. I like where its heading! Keep it up


  2. Well thanks for the kind words Chris, but beware to much praise for me. There is a reason I titled it as "complied by" and not "written by". This is mostly a hodge-podge of the actual D6 Legend document, ideas presented in Mini Six, the Marvel Super Heroes (FASERIP) game, SUPERS! and then finally a couple of concepts I had kicked around in a half-dozen attempts to design a superhero game. I just hope it all comes together well.