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HEROIC: D6 Supers - Part 2 Attributes

The most important part of any D6 game is deciding what attributes to use.  I say this, because one of my favourite parts of the D6 system is the lack of homogeneity between the versions.  There is no need for a "standard" set of attributes, each can have their own version.

So like the D6 MSH fan edit I found, I will use FASERIP as the basis for my stats.  

My first decision about these attributes will be that there will not be the normal Human maximum is 4D.  Instead there will be a limit based on each individual attribute what is the maximum normal human; but for the Superhuman the maximum will be 10D.  Anything beyond that is qualified as Cosmic and will require an advantage (Perks, more later) to unlock them for purchase (and of course the Narrator's approval).

So let's look at each attribute and see what we can see;


A measure of raw hand-to-hand combat ability; this goes from infants swinging their hands right up to Martial Artists and highly trained Special Forces in the Human range and up to Gods of War in the Superhuman range.  This attribute is the base for any and all hand-to-hand actions.

Rank    Benchmark
1          No training or ability
2          Normal Human ability
3          Minimal Training or natural ability
4          Some formal training
5          Regular Formal Training
6          Superior talent
7          Superior talent with training
8          Maximum human potential
9          Superhuman ability
10        Superhuman with intensive training


Reactions, speed, manual dexterity, etc… all covered by this attribute.  One of the largest ranges for normal humans, it is the default attribute for all ranged combat and is also used for the defense of ranged attacks.  It is also used as part of the Initiative calculation (along with Intuition).

Rank    Benchmark
1          Physically limited
2          Clumsy, inaccurate
3          Normal human reactions
4          Some training in dexterity and/or accuracy
5          Intensive training in dexterity and/or accuracy
6          Olympic Athlete
7          Olympic Gymnast
8          Superhuman sense of dexterity or accuracy
9          Superhuman sense of dexterity and accuracy
10        Movement and reactions in a flash, rarely misses


Raw physical power, unless otherwise stated this is the measure of how many dice a hand-to-hand attack does.  It also gives the range of lifting for determining how much a character can lift.  Please note there is a super power called Super Strength that makes modifications to the following chart, but otherwise this is the base.

Rank    Benchmark
1          Able to press up to 50lbs
2          Able to press up to 100lbs
3          Able to press up to 200lbs
4          Able to press up to 500lbs
5          Able to press up to 800lbs, limit of human ability
6          Able to press up to 1 ton
7          Able to press up to 10 tons
8          Able to press up to 100 tons
9          Able to press up to 1000 tons
10        Able to press up to 10,000 tons


The final physical attribute is the measure of constitution for the hero.  How long can he keep going before exhaustion?  Is she able to withstand the poison gas?  Can they hold their breath after getting thrown out of the air lock long enough for their teammates to rescue them?; all a measure of Endurance.

Rank    Benchmark
1          Reduced or impaired ability
2          Minimal ability or exercise
3          Occasional exercise
4          Moderate exercise
5          Regular exercise
6          Intensive exercise, limit of human ability
7          Enhanced ability
8          Enhanced and trained ability
9          Rarely tires, great fortitude
10        Never tires


Not a measure of how intelligent a character is, but instead a measure of how tech-savvy and scientifically inclined they are.  This attribute is used for making, modify or using technology, or the sciences involved in various aspects of said technology.

Rank    Benchmark
1          Grasp of native language and simple machines
2          Limited exposure to technology, can use complex machines
3          Operate contemporary technology
4          Repair contemporary technology
5          Modify contemporary technology
6          Understand cutting edge and theoretical concepts
7          Understand alien technologies
8          Create ground breaking technologies like star drives or time machines
9          Improve and modify alien technologies
10        In effect IS an alien technology


Awareness, perception and general pay attention is covered by Intuition.  It is used for noticing clues, blindside and surprise attacks and even aspects of others behaviour.  It is also used as part of the Initiative calculation (along with Agility).

Rank    Benchmark
1          Limited or impaired senses
2          A little slow on the uptake
3          Normal human awareness
4          Above average intuition
5          Fine eye for detail
6          Detective skills or background
7          Strong empathic sense, gut feeling
8          In tune with all surroundings, strong hunches
9          Senses beyond all normal limitations
10        In touch with the Universe and cannot be surprised


Psyche is a measure of the raw spirituality and mental willpower of an individual.  Psychics and wizards alike rely on this attribute to help determine their base power with spells or psionics, it is also used to resist them.

Rank    Benchmark
1          Easily dominated or programmed
2          Shy, hampered in sense of will
3          Normal human willpower/presence
4          Resist ordinary mesmerism, stand out in a room
5          Some experience with mental control, leadership and/or mystic forces
6          Trained in resisting outside will-dominating force, natural born leader
7          Highly trained, great natural charisma or possessing great strength of will.
8          Indomitable willpower
9          Intense training in mental powers, experience in wielding those powers
10        A closed mind, nigh uncontrollable by outside means

So there you have it, the Attributes section.  I will explain later how many Dice you get at this point when I get around to the "Character Creation" post, but for now the ground work continues.

Up next: Skills


  1. Hi there,

    First, I love the idea of what you're doing - SUPERS! and D6 together sounds awesome.

    I have an issue with the attribute levels above though, that is common with many supers games: why do we need so many levels to denote sub-human performance in a game about beings that transcend human limitations?

    I suggest that you go with

    Rank Benchmark
    0 - No ability with the attribute
    1 - Limited or reduced human ability
    2 - Average human ability
    3 - Exceptional human ability
    4 - Enhanced ability, beyond that achievable without powers, technology, cybernetics or magic.

    And then go up from there. It provides more granularity at the higher levels while removing what will largely be wasted levels at the bottom.

    My 2c, anyways.


    Cgeist7 (from

  2. I replied to this over on RPG.NET, but I will add here for those who aren't over there.

    I used the numbers I did to keep as close as possible to the D6 base for numbers.

    I am open to this ideas though, so I shall mull it over :)