Monday, February 4, 2013

HEROIC: D6 Supers - Part 1 Origins

So for those of you who saw the post about my issues with all D6 superhero versions, I have decided to give in to my needs and work on a fan version.  Hopefully I will achieve my goal of getting this done, since there are MANY D6/Mini Six superhero projects, but none ever seem to come to fruition.  Wish me luck I guess.

I also need to get that cover finished at some point, but we can fix the barn doors after the horses come home.

So the first thing I am going to do is use the old D6 System corebook as my primary guideline, followed by Mini Six and the D6 Legend document.  In the end I have decided that I will make this a Legend based system, since that is the fastest playing, even at higher dice numbers.

Note moving forward that I will be using the following Attributes; Fighting, Agility, Strength, Endurance, Reason, Intuition and Psyche.  More on these in a later post about Attributes.  Yes I love the old Marvel that much.

Moving on.


The first step to making a character is to chose an Origin.  Every hero (and villain) has an origin or source for their powers.  The following list is provided to cover most of them, though if your concept doesn’t fit into one of them feel free to come up with something (along with your Narrator) that fits;

Alien – You are an extra-terrestrial, a subterranean or even an extra-dimensional being.  Whatever the case you are a normal example of your species, with all the powers they normally have.  If you are not a normal member of your species, you should choose another category to reflect how you are different from your people.  In some campaigns Aliens are common place and no one bats an eye at their appearance, in others they are to be feared and mistrusted.  Most aliens are either technology specialists or warriors from beyond the stars and as such Alien characters start with +1D in either Fighting or Reason and a free combat skill or technology skill at +1D.  With Narrator approval you may change the Attribute and Skill bonus if you Alien is a little different than the standard.

Altered – Through either accident or design you are no longer a standard member of the human race (or other race if not human).  You have been given tremendous powers by your origin event and are well outside the norm.  The downside to this is that your powers can be nullified by technology or other powers designed to do so.  The commonness of these things is really up to the individual Narrators so check before assuming.  Altered characters start play with +1D in their Endurance and a free skill at +1D or +2D in any power, regardless of cost (with Narrator approval of course).

Construct – You were made, either through technology, science or magic.  You may or may not be a sentient being (if not you are no more than a robot or golem) and you may or may not be considered “alive” in legal, biological and metaphysical terms.  In some campaigns you may be seen as an abomination that is feared and mistrusted by normal people, in others you may be the logical evolution of technology or even a mix of both.  Constructs start play with a +2D in either their Strength or Intuition but may not have a Psyche higher than 1D unless approved by the Narrator.  Also, they automatically get the “UnlivingHindrance for no benefit.

Magical – All of your power either comes from magical spells or magical items that you carry.  These are the only characters that use the previous mentioned abilities.  Those who were given their powers via magic are considered Altered and those characters that were made by means of magic are considered Constructs. Magical characters tend to attract Magical enemies and powers from beyond so choose this Origin with caution.  Magical Origin characters start play with either a +1D in their Psyche and Spellcraft skill +1D (if they are casters) or 1 free magical item at +1D, regardless of power Tier (If they are Artifact Users).  They also get, for no benefit, either the "Watched" Hindrance to represent that the Powers-That-Be have knowledge of the character, or "Enemy" to represent a particular rival.

Mutant – You were born with powers that are not the norm for humans (or your race).  Depending on the campaign you are in you may be hated, or even hunted.  In another campaign you might be seen as the saviors of the world or even mystical gods.  Best to ask your Narrator how they treat Mutants in their campaign before picking this origin.  Mutants start play with a +1D in any Attribute of their choosing and +1D in any Power of their choosing, regardless of power Tier.  They also must take one Hindrance, for no benefit, that relates to their status in the campaign setting.

High-Tech – Be it a power suit, a cool laser-sighted bow or even a series of ever changing gadgets, you get your powers from one place only, technology.  The upside to this is that you don’t set off any power scanners and nullifiers have no effect on you (on your tech is another question).  The downside is that your gear can get stolen, broken or even lost.  High-Tech characters start with a +2D in their Reason and a related Reason skill at +1D if they designed their own tech.  If they are just the user/pilot they instead get a +1D in their Endurance, a related Skill at +1D and a +1D power, regardless of Power Tier costs.  All powers they have must have the “EquipmentLimitation.

Intense Training – The very definition of the self-made-man… or woman… or subterranean volcanic being… whatever the case you have trained your body to perfection, though you never stop pushing for better.  Intense Training origin characters have no true “super powers” and tend to rely on equipment or their own bodies.  Intense training characters start play with a +1D in Fighting, Agility, Strength or Endurance and +1D in a related skill.  They also get the “NormalHindrance for no benefit.


So it begins.  More to come as we move along, but up next will be the Attributes coverage.  This looks to be a long more fun than I thought, so hopefully that will come sooner rather than later.

Oh and one final note, I am NOT fighting for some sort of "balance" that modern gaming is obsessed with.  I am old school in that way and won't even address comments about it, though I AM happy to discuss anything else.



  1. Nice start! What's next.

  2. Reread the 2nd to last paragraph Walt m'boy :P

  3. On High-Tech, do both the designer and the operator hey an extra power? The text makes it sound like only the operator does. Otherwise, looks good. And familiar... ;-)

  4. Yes only the operator gets the free power. Thanks for the "looks good" :)

  5. So if altered represents an altered human or other being that has been altered, then would alien represent a bog standard human as well?

    Also I wonder why you added a bonus for origin? thsi seems like a limiting factor for those who wish to make the best there is at a given task or action. I think that adding the bonus stats may be a bit of an error, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on why you included it.

    Over all I like what has been written so far, I look forward to seeing where this goes.

  6. Not sure what you mean by "would alien represent bog-standard human as well", since in Alien it clearly says you would get the powers normal for your race.

    I included it because I think Origins are one of the most important things in a super hero game and having a bonus for each type of Origin is my way of rewarding a player for taking the origin.

    Not sure I see as how it limits a player, can you explain more what you mean?

    Glad you are enjoying it!