Sunday, January 20, 2013

What'up Mersh?

For those who recognise that quote in the title, excellent.  For those who don't, well now you have a pointless mystery to solve.

That said, this is a what's up with me post, ready?

First up I lost my job in the beginning of the month.  To quote Bobcat Goldtwaite, I didn't lose it, I know where it is, just when I go there someone else is doing it.

Essentially a rather impressive round of layoffs and cut back in hours hit my work place and I was graciously shown the door.  Now I await my ROE (Record of Employment) so I can apply for benefits while seeking out a new job.  Yay?

That aside this gives me plenty of time to write and do my DDPYOGA, so there's the  silver lining.

Already I have been engaged by Fainting Goat Games to do something for them.  Can't say what it is, but I am looking forward to getting it out there.

I also have decided to continue the HEROIC scripts, including an 8th draft of issue 1 with the Epilogue finally included, then on to issue 2.

RPG projects on the plate are the Revised Edition of Supers!, which I am project director on.  Two fantasy worlds I am working on, planning both for BareBones Fantasy and Savage Worlds for now and lat but by no means least, possibly some more material for Zenith Universe in an RPG format (Who wants to see SKULL and ASGARD?)

So, setback of no work aside, I am looking for to 2013 and what I can achieve in it.



  1. Andrew

    It is good that your taking the high road with your approach to losing your job! Hopefully you will be able to accomplish a lot during your down time, but I also hope it doesn't last too long.

    Great news about all the projects. I am really looking foward to the SUPERS and BBF projects. Good luck!


  2. Chris I appreciate your support man! Cheers!

  3. Just a quick question for you... are my Emails coming through? I as because I have been told many of my recent ones have failed to get delivered for some reason... Thanks


  4. Fire me off an email and if I don't get back to you by Sunday, then I didn't get it.