Monday, August 27, 2012

Zenith Comics to Shepherd SUPERS!

27 August 2012 – Montreal, Canada

Effective immediately, Zenith Comics has purchased the exclusive rights and intellectual property to "Supers! The Comic Book Roleplaying Game" from Beyond Belief Games. Simon Washbourne, creator of Supers! and owner of Beyond Belief Games had this to say;

"I'm pleased to have signed the deal with Andrew (Collas) & Walt (Robillard). These guys have shown the desire and commitment to continue the development and expansion of the SUPERS! line, to build on what I started and establish SUPERS! as one of the major super hero role playing games on the market."

Part of what Simon refers to is Zenith Comics plans to not only continue to offer the original game up for sale, but to create a Revised Edition, soliciting input from the fans of Supers! itself. Furthermore, Simon Washbourne will be acting as an Executive Producer to the creative team, steering his creation as new ideas improve and expand upon what he created. To which he said;

"I won't be stepping away from SUPERS! - in fact, I will be taking on a 'hands on' position to ensure that the SUPERS! line remains true to my original vision. Zenith Comics wants to keep the current fan base happy and reach out to new gamers who may not yet have realized what a great game they have been missing out on. I'm sure they will succeed in this and I'm happy SUPERS! is in the right hands to move the line to greater heights."

Zenith Comics and Hazard Studio (the official RPG arm of Zenith Comics) have a solid track record of working together and producing such hit lines as "Supervillains!" and "Type Casting" for other famous super heroic games.

"The time had come not only for Zenith Comics to have its own game," says Zenith Editor-in-Chief Andrew Collas, "but to have a game system that exemplifies fast paced comic book action, not one that gets bogged down in number crunching and minutia. Supers! was that perfect system for me. I fell in love with it the moment I countered a power blast with my eye-beams!"

While Zenith Comics has not revealed the long term plans at present, roster books, adventures and an eventual “Narrators Guide” are all on the drawing board.

- Zenith Comics

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