Saturday, August 18, 2012


So I just finished a lunch/writing meeting with my editor LC, and I have to say it went better than I could have hoped.

As of this writing the plots for issues 5 - 6 of HEROIC are now concrete and we move to scripting stage (well except on issue 5, it still needs some brain workings).

It is interesting how I had originally had 3 different ideas and discarded 2 and chose the easier path for HEROIC and then one shower induced brainstorm later I saw how to seamlessly thread all 3 stories into one.

If nothing else comes from this venture, I have learned (and continue to learn) more about writing this past year than I ever thought possible.

For those who have been telling me for the better part of 2 decades that I was meant to be a writer, I officially say you were right and I was wrong.

Mark it on a calendar, 'cause you won't hear me say that too often. ;)

Now to take a much needed brain break for the rest of the day and maybe watch a movie.


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