Friday, March 4, 2011

I Suppose An Update Is In Order

4 followers! Cool!

So yeah, quick update on all things me;

1] Zenith Comics Presents: Supervillains! Vol 1 for BASH was number 1 at RPGnow for 3 days and in the top ten of the Top 100 for 2 weeks now! V&V, while sales are good, not as high ratings.

2] Moving back to Vancouver and my acting career in May. Wish me luck.

3] Feeling mostly okay but had enough of winter.

That's a fast and dirty update, more to come when I think of it ;)


1 comment:

  1. Moving back to Vancouver? Man, you might as well have stayed there in the first place. ;-) Too bad really. Looks like I'll be in Canada this summer, but Vancouver isn't exactly on the way from Germany to Regina or I might have swung by your place. Maybe another time.

    Nevertheless, good luck with the move and the acting career, mate.