Monday, February 7, 2011

Zenith Comics: A question...

So with the release of "Zenith Comics Presents: Supervillains! Vol. 1" edging even nearer (1 more piece of art and we are good to go man!), my partner in crime Walt and I have started kicking around an idea. The idea is to create 1 character folios that have a complete character, with art and stats to use in your games.

There's only one catch... I was sort of opposed to the idea of selling superheroes, since to me the idea is for YOUR characters to be the stars of the setting and if I produce more villains, wouldn't that just be double-sipping on upcoming roster books?

So being completely unsure of which way to go with this, I turn to you all and ask for your thoughts;

• Would hero profiles/folios be something that would interest you?

• Should I maybe do villains instead?

• Is there another idea that I am completely missing that would bite me if it were a snake?



  1. On one hand, I totally get the idea that Your Heroes should be the focus...on the other hand, every Marvel RPG ever has proved that you can have a crowded universe AND still have room for the PCs.

    That said, stats for NPC heroes are FAR less valuable than villains, IMHO.

  2. Would hero profiles/folios interest me? No.
    Villains instead? Yes.
    Is there another idea? Yes, I'd suggest you look closer at the market. There are so many ideas out there by the big companies, adopt their ideas and make them your own. One big thing I think I mentioned is selling a number of characters. ICONS is selling a massive book of NPCs for a low low price. How can one character for a similar price point compete?
    And if it's doing only one NPC, then get it out faster, like M&M is doing one NPC a week with full art, etc...

    Hope that helps

  3. I really don't think it is right or fair to compare the Hero Pack to what anyone else can do. Neverminding that the art was all paid by the end users (at least $1800 worth based on the $15 - $25 price quote, with 120 characters), also expecting one a week from a hobby publisher that doesn't have the resources of say Green Ronin or even Adamant is just not realistic man.

    It costs me $50 minimum in art work for a project like this and that's getting a FANTASTIC deal from artists.

    Now add to that the writing time, proof reading, editing and layout (being done pro-bono by all involved) and then waiting for approval. Cost of all that? Immeasurable.

    I really think the Adamant model is going to drive us right out of the market if this keeps up. Everyone is pointing to Hero Pack as a great deal and many I suspect are starting to believe that is a realistic volume of characters and price point for such ventures.

    120 characters, with art, laid out for $1.99?

    There is no way Zenith can compete with that.

  4. If you need another artist i`m there for you.

    And i like the villains idea :)