Wednesday, July 28, 2010

John's Notes - The Sentinels - Session 12

Session Notes - ZCP Unnamed System - Sentinels - July 17, 2010

Robin - Tick Tock
Renzo - Kenji/Gal
Mike - Max Plastic
Anthony - Monolith
John - Bronco

So Max is having an awesome night. He's been getting drinks sent to him for a while before finding out it's an inebriated and recently fired Tori. They wake up the following morning together. Max sees a blue-grey guy.  Then he gets a zarking.

Tock's hunting for food at the HQ. Then a blue-grey guy appears. Zark.

Doc Tesla's off base and out of communication. He has a reason, but no one understands it.

Monolith's going through the lab to see what Doc Tesla's up to. Seems the Doc's into cloning. Lots. He opens the door to leave the lab after hours of snooping. And gets zarked.

Bronco's having a good time rassling. It's a good card. Better party afterwards. Lady A's there as Amanda Reese and a good time is had. Then drinks, a snack, and back to her place. Time pauses, a blue-grey guy appears. Zarkage.

Kenji's rolling around the base. Still pondering death and such. 10am rolls around and still no sigh of anyone. He searches to find an empty house. Also finds the Gal chassis missing.

The heroes wake up somewhere else. Lady A in lingirie, Bronco in a towel, Max naked, Tock clothed - holding a jar of pickles, Monolith in a lab coat. Gal chassis just standing there looking impressive.

As we discuss where we might be, the door opens. It's one of the blue-grey zarkers with a clipboard and a pair or purple reptile-men as escorts. They apparently have no sense of humour, but they do have remote control shockers for the control disks we're all wearing. He explains we're on the Arena ship of the Gamemasters. We're to fight for them, gladiator style. And here's our general - Jonathan Wilder. He doesn't seem to remember being a superhero. Doesn't remember anything after the shuttle accident. Might be a cloan.  But he does have the powers he's supposed to.

0G: "So I was cloned? So am I a clone?? How do I know you're not a clone...?"

Bronco: "We don't - that's the fun part."

Mono tries to snow Wilder on how to activate the robot. Wilder's charming, but Mono's not falling for his charms.

The Zarker comes back. Paralyzes the lot of the heroes. He takes Tock out to see if he knows anything about the robot. The interrogation is a big zarkfest. He breaks and tells them about Kenji.

Meanwhile, back at the HQ... Kenji finds Garrison. They confer. Garrison 'aw-hell's it and goes for a look-see. Kenji goes looking in the system for Eve. Finds her. Ahem, he senses something behind him. Blue-grey dudes. They zark him.

Tock's brought back to the hero barracks. He's in rough shape. He talked. Kenji's brought in, unconscious. Mister Zark is upset with all the delays. Mono hacks into the base to provide long-distance radio life control for Kenji though some tech stuff. Eve answers the phone at the base. Tock freezes time, keeps Mono out of time, and blipverts the whole story and how to help to Eve. Then 2 scifi soldiers start coming out of the shadows. It's Time Rangers, on the hunt for Tock. Tock pops them back into regular time.

Eve links Kenji virtually with Galvanos. And Eve is still in Kenji's head.

Then Wilder comes in. Gal hugs him. Oops, says the massive robot.

Monolith fills Wilder in on what we know as history. Eve shows footage of aliens retrieving the bodies from the moon. Gal holos the dataa. Mono shares the aliens making supers subplot. He then asks Tock about the Time Rangers and gets no good answer.

Into the arena we go... We get a nice big intro. Seems we're the underdogs. They kind of imply Lady A's a clone. Our opponents are being lead by Guardsman/Lord Sovereign. And his team.
U, F, and O come out first with Guardsman. Then Gyro and Starbird. And Garrison, in his Champion costume.

A horn sounds and the fray is on. Lady A begins with a kick sprung from Max at Guardsman. He takes it. Bronco runs into Obelisk. The shockwave sends Flora flying. Flora is caught by Monolith. Aww. The fray rages everywhere. Max one-shots Flora, again, as soon as she's back on the ground again. Gal ricochets a rocket fist off Gyro and into Obelisk, knocking the big man down. 0G drops Obelisk onto Uranium, taking down the radioactive madman. Monolith slaps Gyro out of the sky. Tock takes Starbird surprisingly out of the air.  Leaving Guardsman standing. Just ready to take hits, as the only villain standing.

Lady A is still down. Max tries to talk to Guardsman. He shatters Max's illusions of friendship. He then sonic slaps everyone out of his way. Tock slows down the big man's hands so lessen the impact of the slap. As the dust settles most of the villains get back up again.

Starbird frees herself from her shock disk, gives Tock a prophecy about control to Tock, then bails. Garrison finally rips off his control disk. He then grabs the 60' foot tall Monolith and swings him mightily around. The dust of the fray clears, Max and Bronco combo hit Guardsman into the wall.

Lady A gets back up and tries to kick Guardsman for all she's worth. She lands it. Garrison stops Kenji from frying the Guardsman. So the aliens fry the lot of us for having no desire to kill everyone. We almost all pop our control disks. Guardsman take the lead with the assembly (setting the fray aside for the time being). Max and Bronco take on the incoming guards. Champion and Guardsman fight together for the first time in decades and do quite well for themselves. Then the aliens gas us all. Leaving Galvanos. Kenji (with Eve's help) reverses the air flow from the arena into the rest of the ship, and gasses the lot of everyone else. Everyone makes it back up. Guardsman dispatches Tock to go get Kenji so they can all leave.

-In this meantime, Tock has a four-issue miniseries about the quest to get Kenji while dodging the Time Rangers-

Gal hacks a hole down out of the arena. We get to a ship, next to another ship that Tock crashed in his miniseries. We escape back to Earth.

Wilder heads off to find Starbird and Gyro. And U.F.O. as well. Detente is reached.

Guardsman doesn't really want to come in to be arrested for killing the president just yet. He still has an agenda he plans to follow. Max turns his back on Guardsman and walks away.

Everyone else, really juiced on the idea of fighting Guardsman, jumps into a new fray, lead by Champion and Lady A...


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