Sunday, July 18, 2010

John's Notes - The Sentinels - Session 11

Session Notes - Sentinels (New System) - July 3, 2010 - Session 11

Anthony - Monolith
Mike - Max Plastic
Robin - Tick Tock
Renzo - Kenji/Galvanos
Pat - Doc Tesla
John - Bronco

So here we are on the field of battle at the White House - what's left of it.

0G is dead. Lord Sovereign/Guardsman, too.

Lasseter King arrives. He's upset at us again. The Veep wants to put us all in jail.

He likes the 'We've got the strength to stand up to more clones' thing as an angle to keep us free.

"If you mention cloning again; I will eat you. I will grow to a larger size and actually eat you." Monolith to Doc Tesla

Elsewhere the recently released Tick Tock is watching the heroes on tv. Sees this Max Plastic dude he used to hang with. Decides to go to Washington to join in with the exciting world of heroics. Steals a car, slows time and is almost instantly (to everyone else's perspective) in DC. He strolls into the secure area where the heroes are awaiting their fate. Then resumes time. The Sentinels are more than a little surprised by a Mad Hatter-looking dude with a clock cane coming in.

He's recognized by Monolith and Doc Tesla. Doc Tesla knows what his powers can do, also knows he's out of jail from good behaviour.

He can't reverse time, sorry Mr. President. Monolith is the only one really troubled by Tick Tock's appearance.

Lady A comes in. Hilarity ensues. He wants to join the team. Then Champion (Garrison) and Galvanos arrive.

Doc Tesla 'ports us all to the not-so-secret HQ.

We search for Kenji, find him on the floor of the control room in bad shape. He seems catatonic. Max wakes him up, Garrison kicks everyone out. He tries to make Kenji feel good about killing Uberman. Kenji still feels bad about it. Garrison goes on a mini-rant about Uberman's atrocities to try and bring Kenji around.

Garrison gives him a talking to about the reality of life and death with a giant sword. Kenji kicks Garrison out. Garrison points out the choice Kenji needs to make about being on board with the deal or getting off now. He then leaves and instructs the team not to disturb Kenji until he's ready.

Meanwhile in the bar with Tick Tock and Monolith...

"Oh, you're the urrrrrr (a la Frankenstein) Monolith!" says Tock in a brilliant realization of having a drink with a fellow ex-criminal.

The rest of the team coalesces. Monolith grills him on the source of his powers. Bronco moots the point and interrogation by sponsoring Tock for membership. Doc Tesla wants to kidnap Tick Tock for study. Nicolai agrees in Doc Tesla's head. Tock leaves the team to discuss matters. He liberates a hotel room for the night, planning to be back at the HQ the next day at noon.

And then Marbles, the retarded rock guy is there. And he's upset. Little Princess asks Marbles to put Tock down. They've broken out of jail. And they're putting the old gang back together specifically to kill Max Plastic.

Tock calms Little Princess down as they sit down for a tea party. Apparently Marble is immune to the power nuillifiers. Tock calls the base with Monolith's borrowed comlink. Conveniently Max is on the monitors. Tock fills him in. Then he's spotted by Mr. Bearkins, Princess' animated teddy-bear companion. Tock boots him down a laundry chute. Marbles tags Tock hard into the wall. Tock runs for it and gets away.

Time doesn't seem to work for him, as he slows down he spots a sniper from his rogue's gallery taking a bead on him.

Tock bails on stopped time and runs like hell. Then Marble catches up. The team, meanwhile is homing in on the comlink.

Doc Tesla gets Marbles' attention. He charges. Bronco takes the freight train hit. As the full bore fray begins, Doc Tesla is much distracted by Mr. Bearkins flinging itself on Doc Tesla's face. Doc Tesla in surprise and disgust fries the stuffed companion. Little Princess screams. Marbles is distracted from hitting Bronco for a moment. Bronco lays a massive hit in, causing Marble to bawl.

Tock finds Princess hiding and hits her with a rolling dumpster. She sends it right back at Tock. Marbles misses Bronco as Doc Tesla fries Little Princess. She is lifted off the ground by the zarking and lands unceremoniously in the now-ubiquitous dumpster. Bronco catches Marble in a sleeper hold and puts him down.

Belle Isle sends a retrieval team. Doc Tesla informs them of the nullifier issue with Marbles. He explains a new way to adjust the gear, which is spectacular and well received by the retrieval team.

Doc Tesla and Monolith convince Tick Tock to come back to the base.

Monolith to Max Plastic: "Keep an eye on Tesla..."

Max Plastic back to Monolith: "Keep an eye on Tick..."

Back at the base...

Lady A's back. She makes fun of us for fighting the Odd Squad. She then has a private meeting with Monolith and quits the team, again. This time for good, again. They discuss the exciting field of cloning. Lady A shuts that door hard before any real discussion can be had.

In the lab Tock refuses to use his power. Doc Tesla finally relents.

Monolith tries to console Kenji, who replies: "Thanks, Monolith, but the only person I can talk to is dead..."


Kenji then reveals he killed Uberman. He calls it a day and leaves Monolith to ponder that.

Cut to Belle Isle... As Marbles and Little Princess are being lead through the halls they head past a door marked Brain Flex. Van Jove is intrigued by hearing Max Plastic's name. He calls the guard over, mutters a control word and expedites his own release by casually walking out the front door...


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