Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Announcement

Happy Canada Day all!

As promised it is the 1st of July and I have an announcement to make!

I am making my own superhero role-playing game.

That's right.

Staring my 40th birthday (July 3rd) in the face I knew this was my year to move.  The recent boom of superheroes once again also let me know the time was right.

Now there may be some who feel I am jumping on a bandwagon, but those who know me know that this has been coming for the past 20 years.

I have assembled a dynamic team of contributors/consultants who are helping me develop the system, including James O'Rance proposing a fantastic dice mechanic that just sings to me!

The name of the game, for now, is "Zenith Comics Presents: The Role-Playing Game!"  Now this could stay as the title or just be a working title.  Only time will tell, though to be sure it's hard to get a name that hasn't already been taken by one of the numerous amazing superhero rpgs already on the market... but I digress.

I have also assembled (notice a theme of assembling here?) a team of outstanding artists.  Some published, others on their way to being published, to design and create the "look" of the art.  These dudes know their stuff and I am very excited to see how it will all turn out!

And last (never start a sentence with "and"), but by no means least, I have a publishing partner which means this will see actual dead-tree status!  Right now we are talking digest sized and... wait for it.... BOXED SET!  Oh hell yeah!

Of course any of the above information could change at a moments notice, so don't hold my feet to the flames on any of it.  We shall do our best and try our hardest to bring you this fantastic (at least in our opinion) game!

What does this mean for Zenith Comics other project, Public Enemies?

Public Enemies continues on track and will be released towards the end of the summer for BASH (the hopefully ICONS and M&M3rd Edition... also once again trying to secure permission to make a V&V 2.1 version) and based on sales and demand, there may be more issues.

Though that said, every copy of "Zenith Comics Presents: Public Enemies" that is sold will add to the coffers for the role-playing game's production (a.k.a. art costs) so if you are inclined, feel free to pick up a copy and support this project!

Keep watching this space for news and updates as the project continues and I won't be so arrogant as to give a release date, since we all know those are slipperier than ... well... something really slippery!



  1. 40? Pah! A mere youngling! ;-)

    Good luck with your project - I'm always on the look-out for a new superhero game, so sign me up for a box!

    Also if you can get a V&V 2.1 version of Public Enemies I'd certainly take one of those as well.

    This certainly appears to be a new Golden Age for supers RPGs!

  2. Thanks Flea!

    We should talk licensing, I would love to see the Acrobatic Flea in the Zenith Universe :)

    As for V&V 2.1, I am talking with the Powers That Be about it right now, hopefully will have an answer soon. :)

    And hell yeah it's a new Golden Age! Let's have at it!

  3. Enjoy and good luck. Making games is a lot of fun (as I'm sure you already know)

  4. Thanks for the support guys... I guess I can count on at least 4 sales right there ;)

  5. "We should talk licensing, I would love to see the Acrobatic Flea in the Zenith Universe :)"

    Seriously? That would be awesome (see I've regressed to a teenager in all the excitement!)