Friday, May 14, 2010

Zenith Comics Presents: The Podcast - Episode 1

Hey everyone.

While the webpage is being worked on (and is not ready yet) I have decided to at least put up the first episode of Zenith Comics Presents: The Podcast for everyone to listen to.  The first guest is none other than Jeff Dee, of Villains & Vigilantes fame.

The webpage will be coming soon.

Take a listen and feedback is always welcomed.



  1. V&V? Wow. I have the rulebook. Bought it sometime in the... late 80s I guess. Never played it as I never had the players who were interested in superhero games. And I am fairly certain I bought it somewhere her in Germany, and not through some obscure mail-order shop in the boondocks of the USA.

    As for the podcast: The quality is very good. I have heard worse from people who have been podcasting for a long while. Two thumbs up!

    But I think it was too long. Half an hour would have been a better length, maybe 20 minutes.
    I'm not saying that you should keep the conversations shorter - as you obviously had some fun doing this - but perhaps splitting a lengthy interview into two or three parts might be an option to consider for future podcasts.

    BTW, nice to have a voice to put to the face. :D


  2. Thanks Andreas,

    We thought about shortening it, but John as Producer felt that we just let it run as best we can and keep it more natural.

    I agree with him.

    That said, moving forward we are going to chop it into smaller segments. If for nothing else, than download sake. ;)

    Glad you enjoyed it.