Monday, May 31, 2010

John's Notes - The Sentinels - Session 9

With John absent from the session, Renzo steps in as the special guest writer :)


Session Notes for the 22nd 0f May 2010

Mike: Max Plastic
Anthony: Monolith
Pat: Dr. Tesla
Robin: Zero G
Renzo: Galvanos?/Kenji
John: Bronco(in absentia)

At the mansion, Monolith wakes startled from a bad dream involving this alleged 3rd subbasement.

Monolith decides it's time to get some answers, so of course he goes straight to 13 year old Kenji.

Monolith asks Kenji about Eve, they get into a frank conversation about Kenji's new AI, as frank as possible considering Kenji is keeping some truth's about Eve to himself(Sterling's little creation who conveniently is duping Stirling himself).

As Monolith and Kenji stroll through the base debating Eve, they happen upon the Lab where Dr. Tesla is having a spirited debate with Tesla himself(another wacko joins the team) a conversation about the 3rd subbasement ensues and how we can take a look without having to tear things apart, Dr. Tesla insists we can make an MRI 10 years before it's time, things don't work out perfectly Dr. T kicks them out. We'll get back to T&T a little later.

Meanwhile outside drunk superman (forgot his name) is BBQing what he lovingly refers to as bourbon squirls. (old family recipe)when Zero G and Max happen upon him and luckily there is enough squirl to be had by all.

Lady A shows up, she asks for help transporting SKULLSMASHER to Belle Isle, Zero G kindly offers his assistance, she explains the whole team will be needed for this of course.

Back at science central Kenji introduces Monolith to Eve they hit it off(Monolith seems concerned).There conversation is interrupted by a call from Doc Titan explaining that whatever it is  that we are doing is causing severe electrical interference with the city and he'll be coming to the mansion within minutes. A few minutes later he shows up, Monolith meets him outside and explains, Doc Titan loves the MRI idea (nerds assemble) Doc and Kenji go Downstairs.

Monolith ever vigilant in his role as second in command debriefs Zero G about Eve and the 2 Tesla's, Zero G seems to be quite relaxed about it all, almost distant. Zero G tells Monolith about this evenings SKULLSMASHER mission and Monolith leaves to join the brain trust downstairs.

Success!!!! thanks to Kenji's apparent genius and everyone else's help of course the MRI is completed in record time. Doc Titan is impressed by Kenji's genius and somewhat perplexed. Which leads to Monolith feeling the need to voice his concerns about Eve to yet someone else and a conversation ensues with Doc Titan.

Time for our meeting with Eagle to help transport SKULLSMASHER, we meet LadyA on the outskirts of the city.

An energy pulse from space shatters the containment unit with SKULLSMAHER in it.

Most of the team gets hit by debris except Gal and Zero G. Dr. T, Max and Monolith go flying off the bridge Zero G stops them from hitting the water.

Before SKULLSMASHER can do anything Dr. T fires off a powerful blast as he realizes SKULLSMASHER is immune to electrical attacks and he laughs it off.
Gal comes in for a double rocket-fist fly-by to no avail.

While SKULLSMASHER is busy laughing at us, LadyA comes in with a masterful pounding giving Monolith an opening to step on SKULLSMASHER, he takes it like a man.

Meanwhile ZeroG goes out to help EAGLE agents in need.

Monolith goes to step on SKULLSMASHER again when he let's loose with an energy blast and gives Monolith a toasty foot shot. SKULLSMASHER now seems annoyed (oh shit!)

Max comes in with a tube toss with the debris from SS's containment tube, ZeroG adds weight to the attack intensifying the hit and they take SS out. Yay! Oops we were wrong...

SS chucks a truck at ZeroG, Gal interposes and goes flying into the river.
Dr. T decides to track were the signal came from and tracks it back to a satellite in space.

Monolith keeps chucking stuff at SS, SS goes from being annoyed to being mad. Thanks Monolith.

Gal decides we haven't pissed SS off enough so he pulls out his energy sword and takes out part of the bridge, surrounding cars and trucks but has no effect on SS. When will this end?

Dr. T'S electrical attacks having no effect he decides to charge into him instead(mad man) IT WORKS!!  SS is out. The resulting impact collapses the bridge Max heroically strings himself up acting as the girders for the bridge, ZeroG realizes this and lightens the load for Max, SS is already backup by this point.

Monolith and SS go at it mano-mano/ Monolith is out, his poor nuts.

ZeroG and Gal go at SS together, SS throws Monolith at them. WTF!!!

Gal moves out of the way, ZeroG gets hit giving Gal a clear shot at SS who is under the water and can't be seen, Gal fires blind and hits. Everyone else is up and ready to fight, we need to take SS DOWN NOW!!!!!

Max creates a vortex under the water clearing a path for the rest of us to see SS. Why does SS have a smile on his face?

ZeroG weakens SS in hopes of wrapping this up, SS has other plans and ground pounds the river bed causing a tsunami to emanate from him out (there are millions of people in Capitol City).

Gal closes the distance and super seizure eyes SS, ZeroG with a wave of his arms stops the tsunami and collapses it back onto SS and takes him out. Yay!!!

The side of Belle Isle opens up and there is the brightest flash of light, a super from the golden age called Atomicles is standing there waiting for Dr.T to teleport SS to Belle Isle. The doors close.

ZeroG goes up to LEO following Dr.T's find as he gets close to the satellite he sees a black rook on the side of the satellite just before it blows up.

The next morning back at the mansion Major King comes to visit. He is going to debrief us on classified information about an organization called the Citadel.

We find out about a man named Lord Sovereign and the Citadel’s agenda to change the world order, also there apparent association with the Metal Militia. We are asked to forget about Atomicles.

Major King leaves w decide it s time to test our MRI, low and behold Monolith is not insane. There is what seems to be a 3rd subbasement...........

The End

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  1. With my first real Champions supers game in many years going down next week, I'm glad to see a great superhero game blog going down! Fun sounding characters too. I'll keep watching to get an idea of the basic action system...