Tuesday, May 18, 2010

John's Notes - The Sentinels - Session 8

Session Notes: Sentinels (BASH) - Session 8 - May 8/10

Anthony - Monolith
Mike - Max Plastic
Robin - 0G
Renzo - Kenji/Gal
Pat - Doc Tesla
John - Bronco

The trial of the century begins. A special tribunal lead by the Supreme Court Chief Justice has been called by the President. Very tight lid on the case. 0G has been having issues getting a lawyer to defend someone on trial for high treason and attempted assassination of the President. Then a lawyer arrives at his digs in the Belle Isle isolation block. His name is Jack Kane, and he feels everyone is entitled to a defense. But he thinks 0G's case sucks. He suggests 0G pleads guilty and throws himself on the mercy of the court. 0G concurs and asks to see Monolith before the trial. Really? The convicted criminal on the team? OK.

Monolith arrives to have the probably no-so-private conversation. 0G's not optimistic, but doesn't mention his intention to plead guilty.

Meanwhile the government wants Gal's hardware and recordings from the event in DC. Kenji and Eve discuss. They create a mock hard drive to fool the Man. Kenji hands over the fake.

The trial begins. 0G pleads guilty. Lady A calls Monolith to inform him. Monolith freaks. Kenji suggests we take Garth Stirling up on his offer of a lawyer. A team meeting is called. Still no Angel. Lady A strolls in and announces she's been fired. A group called Strikeforce USA has been assigned presidential detail, superseding the Secret Service.

Garrison suggests we go bust him out. Kenji objects. Just in time to help out Tori calls a press conference to quit up and join up with Garth. Very nice of her. Then Stirling himself hacks his way through Kenji's firewall and interrupts our meeting. He offers help and security information about 0G's impending transfer to Strikeforce USA's secret location. Lady A points out this is a loophole and we should break him out now.  Monolith wants to go. Kenji's down with whatever Lady A suggests we do. Max still thinks UFO is the key to this mess and exonerating 0G, negating the whole break-him-out-of-jail thing.

So Max and Bronco are going to stay behind while Kenji breaks into NATO's satellites, the rest are headed to Belle Isle.

Meanwhile, in 0G's cell... The guard bringing dinner zones out and Van Jove cones to have another chat with 0G. He berates him for pleading guilty and reminds him of his (Van Jove) intention to kill The Angel in a really painful way before he hunkers down to help 0G escape but walking him out the front door, using the guard as a cover. 0G disables the nullifiers, puts them on and they head off.

Just as they're ready to head out, in comes Strikeforce USA from one direction, and the Blue Jay from the other. 0G wrecks the landing pad, preventing either side from having access. Strikeforce USA members come in flying and a fray breaks out. Some flying spangler zaps 0G with an energy bolt. Some bug guy named Rushmore enters the fray as well, and Monolith joins in on the fun. Strikeforce USA kicks much ass, aided by the impression that they're in the right. It's Americana, Rushmore and American Eagle. They fly their shuttle at ours. Both crash into each other. The shuttle on shuttle action breaks both vehicles entirely. Steel Patriot escapes their shuttle and Lady A escapes ours as they crash. 3rd shuttle destroyed by the Sentinels in as many issues.

0G tries to tell Lady A about Van Jove. Nothing comes out.

Steel Patriot strafes the area. The fray continues, makes the news. Kenji spots the story and informs Bronco and Max before going back to his hacking.

Monolith and Lady A finally triumph with 0G's help as, meanwhile, Kenji has successfully broken into NATO.

He tracks the irregular radiation to Arizona. He radios the team. 0G drags the lot to the HQ, with Steel Patriot in pursuit. Garrison comes out to meet the Strikeforcer and annihilates the Patriot's armour.

Kenji grabs up his portable unit and mentions Eve out loud in front of Bronco.

They plan to head to Arizona. 0G rather surprisingly gravity shifts the entire team to Arizona.

So Doc Tesla... Out in the desert, stealing stuff from airplane graveyards. And conducting experiments. He spots a big spike on his meters. He suits up and heads out to see the Sentinels appear in his backyard electrical field spot. 0G puts up a shield and Lady A makes nice with the strangely dressed desert man. Fields and shields are shut down and a full conversation begins. Spikes are identified as coming from around that Native Reservation over there. Bronco gets tired of waiting for more than five seconds and takes off. Lady A, Max and 0G follow, Little Dove in the lead flying. She catches up, but veers to the res to check on people who are reportedly sick. The team catches up further upriver, just as the Earth itself is trying to attack Bronco.  They enter the fray and radio Monolith about this new development. Doc Tesla offers to get Monolith there. Then teleports him, bringing on a 'What the Hell...?!' from Monolith upon arrival.

Bronco breaks free as Gal's coming in hot. His Geiger counter's going crazy. Plants are attacking, too. 0G tries to fight the plants, finds the roots go deep, and deduces the villains must be underground. Bronco, hearing mentioned they might be underground, solves the questioning by groundpounding the shit out of the local terrain. He causes a full-scale cave in.

0G catches Bronco before he falls in with the avalanche of landscape. Max, spotting an opportunity, Flattens the newly revealed Flora in one shot. Monolith stomps Obelisk. Doc Tesla kazarks Uranium. Hard.

Uranium declares his newly found desire to kill Doc Tesla. For that declaration, he earns another kazark. Just as hard. Third time's the charm when backed up by Galvanos jumping in with his giant sword to fell Uranium with a massive hit. 0G locks them all in a forcefield and detente is reached. EAGLE is called.

The lot of us head back to DC. As we land 0G hears Van Jove say in his (0G's) head that we owe him. Once we touch down UFO spontaneously and gregariously confesses their crimes.

Being now all squared with the law, we head back to HQ, with Doc Tesla in tow. Garrison's bar-b-qing when we get back. Introductions are made all around. And he's drunk.

After dinner 0G hears, then astrally sees Van Jove. Walter reminds him that real threats are coming, and he should start getting really ready...


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