Sunday, May 2, 2010

John's Notes - The Sentinels - Session 7

Session Notes - Sentinels Session 7 - April 24, 2010

Renzo - Kenji/Gal
Mike - Max Plastic
Anthony - Monolith
John - Bronco

So the team leader's in jail, but at least President Ronnie is still in our corner.

The investigation continues, we keep our heads down.

Starbird's been hanging out, acting odd.

Little Dove also still hanging out. No recent visions.

Stirling offers a great high-priced lawyer. We turn him down.

Eve has been helping Kenji with the defensive stuff for the now public HQ. Very helpful.

Garrison's a little crusty about everyone being underfoot.

Day 3... brainstorming team meeting. Then an explosion.

Guys invade in metal suits. Bronco dives into the fray to protect Little Dove. Gets taken down by combined fire.

*click* "Max Plastic...?"

*click* "Oh he sucks."

*click* "OH @#$%*!!!"

As Max Plastic takes three of them out of the room and on to the lawn. Follows them out to finish his takedowns.

3 flyers coming in on a strafing run. They tag Max Plastic, but not out.

Gal, Monolith and Starbird enter the fray.

The Metal Militia continues taking the fight to us, with missiles. The fray starts turning to the heroes and the Militia 'bodyslide''s out. An odd detente.

Eve and Kenji discuss the upgrades. Eve just wants total control and she can totally improve Galvanos. So he gives her the keys to the kingdom, but not the Gal suit.

Bronco and Little Dove get it on. Monolith and Starbird conversate. They bring Gal in on the conversation as he, through Eve, seems to have lots of information all of a sudden. Monolith wants to pursue UFO and the Metal Militia. He calls Lady A (on Presidential Detail) to see if she has a contact who can help. Lasseter King calls back. They discuss.

Eve wants to break international banking laws to dig deeper. Kenji convinces her otherwise.

Major King informs Monolith of the impending court proceedings after stonewalling him on meaningful information.

Monolith and Max continue the discussion. There's also 8 robots working in the yard.

Kenji tries to stay up and watch what Eve's doing, eventually falls asleep.

Next morning the grounds look lovely and rebuilt.

The robots are wearing clothes today. Monolith goes looking for Kenji. Finds him in front of a bank of security monitors. He sends Kenji to the showers and starts digging into the system. Finds there are 20 bots on the base. Goes deeper.

Finds a blank spot on the map. Curious, he goes for a stroll there.

He finds a big vault door and no cameras. He goes back for the elevator. Waits a while. Gets tired of waiting and grows bigger. Then rips the doors apart as he smells something eggy. Then he wakes up in his bed.

First thing is to call Kenji. He has no knowledge of Sub Basement 3. They meet at the elevator. No button. Odd. Max catches up and joins in the investigation. They head to SB2, the hanger deck. Max pours himself under the elevator and hits the floor quickly. No further space under the elevator.

The whole team gathers and investigates the missing floor, and the bottom of the elevator, right where it's supposed to be according to everyone by Monolith. He retells the story of the vault door. As Max is investigating further, the perimeter alarms go off. We rush to the grounds to find le Renard Roux tangled in tentacles on the lawn. We let him loose.

He wants to rejoin the team, and has a file to share from the Masonic Knight. It shows the Cayman Islands Support Group paid for the Metal Militia's attack.

Kenji, meanwhile, suspects Monolith is going crazy.

Monolith wants to dig further into the banking. Kenji's still worried about the legality. Monolith promises to ask nicely at first.

The meeting breaks, the boys start boy talking. Renard puts his foot in his mouth about Kenji in his chair. Kenji gets a call about a big fire. We pile into the rebuilt Blue Jay. The ship gets radiation readings as we approach the big forest fire.

Then the proximity alarm sounds. Then we get hit. Monolith loses control. We crash.

Big monster hands rip open the ship. Renard identifies Red Guard and Morningstar. Starbird declares they're here for her. A fray beings in earnest. Lots of loose energy being thrown around by the Russians.
Bronco launches debris at the flyers. Morningstar zaps Monolith as Bronco continues to launch parts of the ship at them. The parts fly right through her.

Gal ties the super seizure eyes on her, fails. Renard gets tagged by White Wolf, entering the scene. Also coming in and heading for Bronco is Malotok. He's a wrestling fan, and expresses his respect and honour in fighting Bronco. They throw down.

He's airborne, be's a danger to us, he's Galvanos. He's being attacked by Red Guard.

Max starts elastic launching debris, too. Renard opens up Wolf's midsection. Wolf returns the favour and slaughters Roux. Starbird hits him in retaliation, almost flattening Wolf. Hammer goes for Gal with an open opportunity, and hits him - hard.

Little Dove slips in and heals Monolith. Bronco comes back in the fight and continues to whale on Malotok. He continues to be good-natured about being pounded by the big Indian.

Bronco dodges a big gold palmslap from the air. Monolith throws Max Plastic at Red Guard. Max balls up and bounces Guard into the middle of next month. Then there's a growl, and Roux is all werefoxey. And he seems to be berserk.

Monolith tags Malotok as the fray continues. Wolf does all wolfman and the fur really starts to fly. Malotok misses. Monolith and Bronco combine. A super clothesline from hell off the ropes of Max Plastic and flattens Malotok.

Max springs at Morningstar and tags her on the way through. They teleport out, and we're left with a crazy Werefox. He goes for Dove. Bronco gets in the way and takes heavy hits instead of her. She heals back some of Bronco's damage. He slashes Gal while dodging Monolith. Dove chills him out on the second try with some Indian mind trick. He revers and the fray is fully over.

EAGLE arrives just in the nick of time to miss everything. We're debriefed and cut loose. Starbird carries us back to the base in the shell of the wrecked Blue Jay. Again.

Back at the base Starbird reveals her origin as a MiG pilot opposite the American pilot who became Gyro. She says there were others kidnapped by aliens. Like Wilder and the rest of UFO. Aliens are building supers for some unknown reason.

She offers to leave to stop drawing undue attention to us. We giver her a communicator, and she departs.

We get a call from the DA to say we're due in court tomorrow morning.


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