Thursday, April 15, 2010

John's Notes - The Sentinels - Session 6

Session Notes - Sentinels Session 6 - April 10th, 2010

Renzo - Kenji/Galvanos
Robin - 0G
Mike - Max Plastic
Anthony - Monolith
John - Bronco

So about Prince Zorin, Sword of the Valek Empire...

0G has been at NASA for three weeks, tracking the arrival of Valek's pod. He tries with his powers to stop it, fails and passes out. Wakes up, radios in, and heads to Cap City to see where it's landed in town.

The rest of the team, meanwhile, has piled into the Blue Jay. The Angel is strangely absent.

Radio tells us Vanguard is already on scene, getting their asses handed to them. Gal gets launched in first. Zorin takes the hit without moving out of the way, and swipes a glancing blow at Gal as he goes by.

Lady A and Max Plastic enter the fray, with little success. The fray goes into full effect with the Sentinels. The heroes have trouble landing solid hits, the villain doesn't do much better. Bronco scores first noticeable hit. Gal takes first damage on the team. 0G moves Gal out of the way from Zorin, just in time to be cleaved in half, he instead is only cleaved _mostly_ in half. Lady A is paralyzed by grief over the loss of a teammate, and mentally shuts down. Zorin takes this chance to run Lady A through with his sword. Max Plastic takes the hit for her and gets knocked out of the way and out.

Bronco pounds, Monolith pounds, 0G drops the pod on the blue skinned mofo. Zorin bursts out of the debris with his sword. Lady A scores a big hit, and Monolith takes Zorin's follow up to Lady A instead of her. Monolith gets dropped. 0G immobilizes Zorin, Bronco takes a free shot. Lady A takes him all the way out with her free shot follow up.

EAGLE arrives, Zorin rises, and relents to superior fighters. 0G directs him to leave. Ok, but he'll kill any one of us whom ever leave this planet. Detente, cleanup, and head back home with Gal's half-busted chassis.

0G tells the team he was at SpaceLab tracking Zorin. A mild team meeting ensues. Lady A continually defers to 0G. Kenji goes to check on the Gal wreck.

Later the night 0G gets a call from Nightstar, the last Guardian. She invites herself over to talk Guardians. She offers the team name to us, then leaves 0G to think about it.

0G finds a drunken Lady A first. Gets her to bed with Bronco's help. Calls Max back to base for a meeting. Max says no, and continues to try to have a life. He goes to the repair bay. He's ignored for a while by Kenji and Monolith, then they talk, and the assembled team goes for ice cream.

Over ice cream 0G lays out the Guardians thing. We'll pass is consensus. 0G calls Nightstar back and decliner the offer.

A couple days pass... Tori flips out about the Guardians thing. 0G retorts with something snotty. She takes him to task for his professionalism.

Comic reader cut to Tori in a hot tub with Garth Sterling drinking champagne.

Cut back to her still giving 0G shit.

Kenji receives an invite to Stirling Tower. Goes to 0G for advice first.

0G gives no meaningful advice, while making it appear to be full of wisdom.

Kenji then crosses paths with a freshly showered Lady A. They establish he's not hitting on her. He solicits her advice. She suggests we go public with our HQ location. Kenji's not down with that. Still no meaningful advice about the whole Stirling thing.

Cut to 0G at a PR tree dedication. Mid-sentence he's attacked by the tree he's dedicating. Then a big stone guy emerges from the ground, kidnaps 0G and retreats with the team leader.

Meanwhile, at Stirling Tower, Kenji is met by Rachel MacPhearson, Garth's assistant. She pushes Kenji's wheelchair into the rain forest office of Garth Stirling, and parks him in front of a massive obsidian desk. She leaves him alone to ponder the surroundings.

Garth arrives. They discuss the impressive desk. He springs the Gal secret thing. Then sows the seeds of dissent in Kenji's mind. Garth monologues about the nature of genius. His in particular, but Kenji's, too. He declares he's fired Vanguard for losing a fight to Zorin. He wants to bankroll the Sentinels. Then he introduces Kenji to Eve, his pet AI. He'll give Eve to Kenji if the Sentinels take the Guardians name and throw in with him.

Meanwhile, Bronco's at the rasslin, and he's met in his dressing room by a girl who calls herself Little Dove. She's had visions of Doom for 0G. Bronco checks in with 0G, fails, and calls Monolith instead. Bronco heads to 0G's last location with Little Dove, to find EAGLE still cleaning up the park mess. He hears of the abduction from a 3 Pips and A Bar ranked EAGLE dude. Bronco informs Monolith, who rallies the team. Kenji bails on Garth on good terms, after having been shown the plans for Galvanna on the way out. Then Garth offers the kid a ride home in his helicopter. Max also cuts his day short to join the team, missing another opportunity to have a part of a normal life. And why didn't Tori know anything about all this...?

Meanwhile 0G wakes up 'elsewhere.' With a green-haired woman in front of him. 0G thinks she should be blonde as his faculties slowly come back to him. It's one of the co-pilots from his shuttle crash who was thought to be dead. Captain Sarah Carpenter is now calling herself Flora. The big rock guy was Lieutenant Jack McMichaels, now he's Obselisk. And they have powers. 0G asks about Col. Richards, the mission commander, he's called Uranium, now. They dialogue. Seems the three of them aren't happy with the results of the power lottery. So they'll turn 0G into a villain. As he begins a protest, Brain Flexx astralls enters the room. He monologues about his ability to do that. Cut back to the park, where we have just heard that 0G is attacking Washington, DC.

The team has rallied at the park. Eve calls up Keni. He zones out a moment. She offers to pilot the shuttle. If she can have the password. After a moment's pause, Kenji gives Garth's computer access to his. He makes her promise to be quiet about the whole giving-away-passwords thing. Eve so promises. They rocket to DC to stop their team leader from killing the nation's leader. And then Eve turns Kenji's Gal perspective into interactive VR, with Kenji's further permission to Garth's computer. We arrive to see 0G fighting Team Justice, and taking them down effectively. Gal is first on the scene, and first back out ofthe scene. 0G tries to take down the Blue Jay, and succeeds handily. Bronco dives out, protecting Little Dove from the crash. Max embubbles Lady A and Monolith in plasticy goodness and bounces through the shattering windshield as they crash. Max is dazed, but all are alive to fight their powerful team leader. Lady A connects with a hit right away, followed up by Bronco ground pounding him further back from the White House. MP gets up and goes looking for a nullifier among all the EAGLE debris. Monolith grows and pounds at 0G, knocking him down. Max gets grass-grappled on his search for nullifiers. 0G gets up from his knockdown and immobilizes the area. A big hand grabs Gal and smashes him big time. Bronco moves in on 0G, gets repelled. Monolith grabs 0G, gets relelled - into Bronco. Goes back for more. Grabs and throws the leader a ways away from the White House. 0G decides to flatten the building. And incoming Starbird alters that plan as she attacks him, then restrains the falling 0G in a cosmic claw. This shift in balance causes Obelisk to abandon his fight with Gal and retreat.

Introductions are made with the russian Starbird. Little Dove identifies her as another aspect of her 0G vision. Eve informs Kenji she's got a file on the Starbird. She seems to be the other half of the accident that gave Gyro his superpowers. She was the Russian MiG pilot he had the incident with. We head back, Lady A stays behind. Starbird is nice enough to use her powers to carry the busted Blue Jay back to base. Eve relays a bunch of info though Gal to the team, but asks Gal not to mention her: "I'm sorry to make you lie to your friends, but they wouldn't understand our friendship..."

We get back. 0G first wakes in a private conversation with Van Jove/Brain Flexx. He talks about the Monolith visit that 0G didn't know about. And the whole killing-The-Angel-Soon thing, too. He, Van Jove, has a plan, and it's a goodie, but 0G can't be allowed to remember this conversation... yet. He snaps his fingers and 0G wakes up for real this time on the couch. He spots Starbird and remembers the Uranium, Flora & Obelisk (UFO) attack but nothing else. His understanding is that Flora used hallucinogenic and suggestive plant pollen to brainwash him. He feels this is reasonable. He also remembers Starbird from the hospital he was at after he survived his shuttle crash and got his powers.

Lady A saunters in in the middle of this revalation and reveals EAGLE is with her, and they want to arrest 0G for the attack. He'll go without a fight.

As 0G is being lead away in cuffs, the issue comes to a close.



  1. Well, I hope lots of Hero Dice went to the PCs who "took the hit" against this cosmic killer!

  2. Give them Hero Dice? I am supposed to do that? D'oh! AND I keep forgetting to give them Hero Points and Setback Points... grrrr... I am a silly man. :(