Friday, April 2, 2010

John's Notes - The Sentinels - Session 5

Session Notes - Sentinels Session 5 - March 27, 2010

Pat - The Angel
Renzo - Galvanos/Kenji
Mike - Max Plastic
Anthony - Monolith
John - Bronco

So Bronco and Garrison square off. The fight goes wildly back and forth. Bronco didn't think Garrison was that tough. The fight ends in a draw after an extended stalemate, ultimately leaning on Garrison for the win.

Then Van Jove calls the house. Monolith answers and is invited to chit chat with Brain Flexx.

The Angel wants to go, too. Mono is fine with that. Off to Bell Isle they go, and boy, is Van Jove pissed that The Angel is there. He leaves and Monolith and Van Jove have a sit down. Van Jove goes on for a while about how much he's gonna screw The Angel for the whole punching out Trauma's heart thing. They discuss the recent luck of the Sentinels and the NZG event. Van Jove plants seeds of dissent involving Doc Titan. He then proceeds to talk more shit about The Angel. Then he suggests the NZG might not have been real at all. He then demands to be returned to his cell, as he's done talking. Monolith catches up to the Angel and relays the litany of threats and they rehash vital points of the conversation with Van Jove. The whole anti-matter things is discussed again.

Meanwhile... Max Plastic, on patrol, is grabbed by Il Duce, the super Italian. He literally ties Max up around some poles in the shape of a wrestling ring and uses Max's communicator to contact the team. He calls Bronco out and waits. The team heads downtown. As soon as they arrive a fray beings. Bronco takes Il Duce, the rest go to crowd control and disperse. Monolith gets taken out by Il Duce while doing crowd control. Gal unties Max while Duce's distracted beating up Monolith. Lady A scores with a justified cheap shot. The painfully long fight ends when Galvanos super-seizure eyes' the cocky Italian. Takes half the team out as well. EAGLE is called, we go home.

Lady A, upon arrival, gives Kenji a bunch of shit over homework and such.

So the news media seems pretty cool with us. Tori calls in to let us know about insurance issues. And she wants to access some of Kenji's money to deal with this kind of stuff. We'll think on that. Team discusses. Kenji will giver her some cash, but keep her on a short leash.

Monolith and Lady A have a heart to heart in 0G's office. She doesn't want any leadership responsibility, and reveals a chunk of her origin and her 50 year old ghosts.
Monolith then goes to find Kenji. Mono convinces the kid to wait for 0G to make any firm financial decisions.

Meanwhile, The Angel is on patrol. He meets Katana Dan in an alley. And a woman behind him - Lady Steel. And Night Raven, with all his bad repute, lands in a flourish. The Capitol City Irregulars are offering The Angel a place on their team. He'll give it some thought.

Next morning Max is a guest on Cap City AM tv. It's a bush whacking - they place the 'Sentinels Are A Menace' angle. He tries to hold his own, fails, leaves.

Lady A continues the Kenji slave driving. "Do you want to go to public school...?" Kenji replies in sotto voce: "Might be better than here..." Lady A then continues to rag on Tori, who leaves.

Garrison talks a lot of shit to Max about the heroes he idolizes, and reveals his history, as well.
The doorbell rings. Monolith answers. It's Gyro. He wants to talk to him and Bronco in private. He wants them to join Vanguard. He leaves his card and departs. Bronco and Monolith discuss not spending too much time thinking about the offer.

The Angel sees a bullshit statement in the news that didn't come from us and calls a team meeting. That's followed up by a live statement from Tori, digging us further in the hole.

So how do we un-fuck outselves...? Kenji plays some of the messages flooding in to the HQ. Most are surprisingly favourable, in an anti-heroic kinda way. Tori arrives, smugly proud. She defends her move and leaves the team to discuss.

We chat, and bring her back in. We're happy. Surprised, but happy. She asks us for autonomy or she walks. We agree to keep her, in a display of democratic abstention.

Garrison and Max have another chat after the meeting. He thinks we should turf Tori and go our own way, let being a hero play out properly. He's here to help form and train a team - not publicity.

Max and Lady A have a tete-a-tete of their own. Lady A reiterates her disdain for Tori.
Max continues his tour and meets Monolith in 0G's office. They discuss worries and tendencies and have a nice Hallmark moment.

The brief period of calm is once again shattered by a kaboom. We rally to see what's going on.
A big pod has landed in the city. A blue-skinned dude gets out and starts screaming in an alien language. He hooks up a translator. He kinda challenges the team, kinda. He's Prince Zorin, and he wants to fight.


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  1. Yeah, it was weird not having the steady hand of Zero-G over them. It will be interesting to see how they do in the big fight with Zero-G back!