Monday, April 12, 2010 Purchased!

Hey there,

School continues, relearning French and all that. On a business note I purchased tonight and set up hosting. The page is not yet active and I am debating transferring my blog there, but not sure if I can. Anyone know anything about Blogspot and hosting it on your own domain? Or so I have to go with a Wordpress one?

More news to come as development continues.


  1. is way cooler than DotCom. Great score.

  2. Very cool. What kind of stuff will we see on the site?

  3. Yes, you can point your blog to your domain. Just go to your blog's settings, go to Publishing, and choose "Publish on a custom domain."

  4. @rclamond: I concur :)

    @Walt: Mostly previews for products, this blog (if I can figure it all out) and various other product related stuff for the lines I will be producing.

    @ J. Can I direct it to a specific subdirectory via that option?

  5. Thanks J. Gonna look into this today. :)

  6. I am not sure I follow this whole sub-domain thing at all.

    Can you contact me via PM? At the BASH boards would work.