Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Zenith Comics Presents: Public Enemies Vol. 1 - Update 2

So I just got back from a meeting with Anthony, we are really close this time. 9 out of 10 characters are finalized and going to inks+colours soon and the 10th character is being worked out as well. His look is almost perfect!

We also discussed the cover and the layout a bit as well. It's gonna be very very cool.

Instead of sharing more sketches I thought I would give you a preview of the characters that will be in Volume 1 of Public Enemies and then the names of the coming volumes as well.

Zenith Comics Presents: Public Enemies - Volume 1

Adonis – The Roman God of Beauty, he comes to Earth to either challenge those men he feels are contenders for his beauty or to woo the hearts of women he finds attractive. His attention is like that of a puppy, he moves on quickly with no concern for the damage he causes as he goes.

Nightviper – She used to Nightsparrow, the side-kick of Nightraven. That was then. Now having turned on her mentor, she uses her training as an assassin for hire. She is a martial-artist who uses batons with spiked ends and has no problems killing heroes for money.

Black Shroud – Consumed by the darkness that inhabits his soul, this gothic lad can control shadows, project darkness and even teleport through the inky blackness of his soul. He is an unhappy young man, prone to fits of anger.

Colt – Everything is bigger in Texas... and faster! Colt is a wild-west themed speedster who uses twin Colt .45s to rob banks, armoured cars and even do stick-ups at ATMs. His true super power seems to be his ability to keep his 10 gallon hat on at high speeds.

Damselfly – She shrinks. She blasts. She has bug wings. She's seven different kinds of crazy! Damselfly is the kind of villain no hero wants to face. She is hard to hit, does decent damage and has no logical behaviour patterns.

Energion – Once a scientist studying the stars accidentally captured a being of pure cosmic energy who just happened to be flying by the Earth. That being fused with the scientist and now together they are Energion, and Energion is not happy.

The Green Gargoyle – A gargoyle given life by a stray bolt of mystic energy in a fight between Doctor Diablo and Lord Necron, the Green Gargoyle is a solitary but powerful creature. Normally he protects a building, but through spells more than one evil wizard has bent him to his will.

Jackie Frost – What happens when a ski-bunny-party-girl dies in an avalanche and is reborn with the power of ice and snow? The party gets hotter! Um... er... colder? No that's not it... um... Yeah like awesome ice powers!

Skullsmasher – Powered by antimatter energy and a bad attitude, this energy wielding brick is the very definition of the irresistible force. He is huge, powerful and likes to rob banks, jewelry stores, whatever.... and he L-O-V-E, loves to battle punk heroes who think they are tough!

Wolfen – Cursed with the power of the Beast Lords, the man known as Wolfen has given into his new animal nature and uses it for personal gain and to hunt heroes with Beast Lord powers. Like the werewolves of old though, 3 days of the Full Moon every month he goes into a murderous blood frenzy!

So there you have the roster for the first volume of Public Enemies! I am willing to bet that at least one or two of those villains sounds like someone you would want to use in your campaigns. Of course I subject my players to all of them. ;)

Also, moving forward, we have planned out what we intend to do as follow-up books, and though plans change, this is what it looks like for the most part after Public Enemies Volume 1;

• Zenith Comics Presents! Public Enemies Vol 2 - Another 10 unique villains for use in your campaign. Featuring the winner of the Earth Alpha: Who Is This Guy? contest: The Bug!

• Zenith Comics Presents! Dastardly Duos & Terrible Trios! - Two duos and two trios that are themed villains who work together.

• Zenith Comics Presents! The Citadel - A secret society that has plans to over through America. This one will have their soldiers, their super agents and their mysterious leader, Lord Sovereign!

• Zenith Comics Presents! Mayhem Inc/Ravage V - Two teams of five villains each that are the stuff of legends... or nightmares for heroic teams. These two teams are made to test your heroes to the limits!

• Zenith Comics Presents! Master Minds & Mercenaries - 3 would be world conquerors and the types of villains they hire to carry out their agendas. This one will make an excellent Iron Age roster book, though it will be usable with Bronze Age or Modern Age campaigns.

• Zenith Comics Presents! Public Enemies Volume 3 - And if the previous volumes weren't enough, we return to where it all started with another 10 villains to challenge your heroes with and make them earn their capes!

So there you have it. These are the plans for Earth Alpha moving through 2010 and into 2011. The supplements will first be released for BASH! Ultimate Edition, but will be followed by versions for Mutants & Masterminds (via Superlink) and ICONS (the new games by Steve Kenson).

So cheers and I hope at least something in there caught you eye. ;)

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