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John's Notes - The Sentinels - Session 3

So my best friend is back in the game after a brief hiatus and he is taking notes like he always does. :)

For those who don't know, I present his notes unedited, typos and all. Feel free to ask questions if you want clarity. Remember this is from a player's perspective, hence he only notes what he thinks is important or what caught his attention.

There are none for session 1 or 2 as he was not there. I will see what I can do about making an "Our Story So Far..." post later.



Session 3 Notes - Sentinels - Feb. 27

Mike - Max Plastic
Robin - Zero-G
Renzo - Galvanos
Pat - The Angel
John - The Masonic Knight

So as of late the media has been unsympathetic to the exploits of our heroes. One outlet likes us, otherwise...

Capitol City isn't really happy, but they do like Vanguard.

Cut to the Masonic Knight in a big windowless room with a nice oak table. He's directed to go make contact with the Sentinels. They have a public image problem, and Vanguard is almost certainly staging their exploits.

MK flies out to their secret base after checking the security on satellite pictures and rings their doorbell.

It's an exciting household, busted robots and everything. Zero-G answers the door. MK explains he wants to join and a team meeting is assembled. Renard Roux and MK exchange some familiar greetings and a team meeting ensues. Renard vouches for MK on the square, but Angel is apprehensive.

Cut to Max Plastic working a matinee dinner theater show. The rough day on stage is brightened by the appearance of the rather attractive blond Tori Fields. She suggests he cash in on his powers. And she wants to talk to the team about the same. She gives her card and leaves with a flourish. She's an Entertainment Agent/Manager.

Max returns as the team meeting is still going on and brings news of the offer. Renard psychoanalyzes Tori based on her card and boldness. Max confirms he's bang on and the team decides they want to work with her. Tori first destroys her telephone when Zero-G calls, but communication is eventually made.

Plans are made for brunch, and half the team goes out on patrol.

Things were going well until Angel accidentally blew up a tanker truck. Not so good for the press image...

And Renard is going to be on the late night news. He behaves, and now 1 out of 12 citizens like the team, specifically because Renard is a part of it. "1 in 12?" says The Angel; "I'll take it."

Next morning 0G goes to meet Tori for brunch.

She has lots of ideas about the team... Plastic needs more face time, 0G needs a jacket, Gal needs to age-up his voice, Monolith needs to shut up, The Angel, too. Follow the rules, success will ensue.

Three weeks pass. First week highlights: Gal breaks some shit, but 0G spins it well with a cheque and a smile; Max has a great comedy show and hits one out of the park, gets a spot on morning television as a result; 0G gets good ink in the Chronicle. Second week: Angel dramatically burned down a prostitution league, and is getting underground fans; MK saves a busload of teens; Plastic bombs on stage. Third week: Angel gets some good face time on the Dick Walsh Show; A lodge in England gets into some hot water, MK takes some flak over a local connection and not doing well in a presser; Plastic hits the stage again and goes over reall well when he plays the meltdown card; 0G on the other hand, has an unspectacular week; and Renard popularity continues to grow.

Tori gets a team meeting together to discuss the last three weeks, and her media intervention therein.

She wants us to do an opening bit in the upcoming Sylvana Wolfe concert.It would be a great public appearance as everyone except MK has a fan base.

She also wants us to train with a retired Golden-Ager named the Champion - aka Bob Garrison.

We agree, a week passes, the concert arrives. As we hit the stage calamity ensues.

Starts with Gal getting an EMP.

Then the ice wall forms up and a fray begins with Ravage 5.

The heroes certainly get their attention, but Ravage is clearly getting the better of the heroes to start.

The Mexican Non-Union Wolverine does significant damage to multiple members of the team, most to Renard, before 0G introduces him to the harsh mistress - Gravity.

Angel squares off against Trauma and gloriously punches her heart out. This proves to be a turning point.

Brain Flex warps the team's minds and tries to make good an escape. Gal boots back on line and the tide swings back to the players. He opens with shattering Frostbite with a rocket fist. Trixie's shot at Max Plastic is interposed by MK. Gal attacks Brain Flex with his other hand and the retreat is fully halted. Gal, with his hands back, flies through the crowd and super laser sword attacks Brain Flex directly. The villains are subdued, heroes are triumphant, and EAGLE arrives to clean up the aftermath.

Renard, however, is dead from his wounds. As the team is mourning the loss of their teammate, their dead teammate walks into the scene to ask why everyone is so sad. He explains his resurrection is from being a beast lord. MK and the Angel nod knowingly, everyone else seems to get the gist of it.

Tori arrives all oh-my-god-ing and super excited. She wants us to go rest, there will be a big presser in the moring on the steps of City Hall - please everyone be sober; I'm looking at you, Angel...

We get back to the base to find that Bob Garrison has let himself in, and wants to work with us.

-End of Session-

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