Monday, March 15, 2010

Earth Alpha Contest #1: Who Is This Guy?

So last night, in a fit of fevered creativity I made this bug based character;


I really like the look and I am sure it has been inspired by a bunch of different looks I have seen over the years, but regardless this guy insisted on crawling out of my brain last night and wouldn't let me sleep until he did.

The problem is, I have no idea who he is, or what he does. After buzzing about my mind and finally crawling out that was it. Nothing else.

At a loss for the identity of this character and who he is, I decided that maybe it wasn't up to me to figure that out. So I decided to open it up to you all and why not make a contest out of it.

That contest being; come up with a name and background for this guy.

Who is he?

What does he do?

What is his story?

Is he a hero?

Is he a villain?

Does he walk the fine line between hero and villain?

You tell me. Contest deadline is Friday midnight PST.

The winner will have their idea presented, with full credit given, in an issue of "Zenith Comics Presents: Public Enemies" (I am targeting issue 2 since issue 1 is already underway).

Also the winner, and two runners-up, will receive a free copy of the pdf upon release!

I will post the winner and runners-up on Monday, March 22nd (1 week from today).

Also, please don't post your ideas here in the comments, send them to me as a message via the private message feature of Blogspot (click on my name and it should take you to a profile page where you can send me a message.

Good luck everyone!

Note: After speaking with a legally inclined friend of mine, I must also add the following for legal reasons; the character chosen as the winner will become the property of Andrew Collas Games Inc. and may not be published by any other company. I wish I didn't have to put this in, but the nature of our litigious society forces me to. Understand I am not trying to be a jerk, just have to cover my butt. I totally understand if anyone doesn't want to participate because of this.


  1. The Red Scarab. He is a vigilante superhero inspired by the death of Ted Kord/Blue Beetle. He is an All-American Athlete who has competed in and won Gold in the US Olympics. In subsequent years, however, he was tempted into the use of steroids which cost him his gold.

    In shame he nearly took his own life but was stopped at the last minute from jumping off of a building by the Blue Beetle.

    He began to take his life more seriously then, giving what he could of his skills as an athlete to educate inner-city kids.

    The death of the Blue Beetle came as as devastating blow to him. He came into his senses one night and donned a simple costume and began to work the Blue Beetle's former beat. At this he excelled.

    In time he became known as the Red Scarab.

    He fights primarily through the use of ambush tactics and withdrawal via a venue resisting pursuit. He is extremely athletic and well-trained in grappling.

    He had an early run in with Booster Gold, who initially rebuffed the new come hero, but in time came to accept him. Booster Gold aided the Red Scarab further by affording him better technology, such a infra-vision lenses for his suit and micro-thin kevlar fiber.

  2. Thanks for the entry Wes, very creative. Only two quick things;

    1] I really would prefer entries be sent privately via the PM system here (if folks want I can provide an email address as well).

    2] I can't use copywritten characters from DC (or any comics company) in my Public Enemies line, as they would probably sue me into the middle of last century :(

    If you would like to revamp that and resubmit it that would be totally awesome.

    P.S. I tried to send you a private message on this but it seems your profile isn't enabled.

  3. I am curious, what program you using to generate such great looking characters? I have used HeroMachine, but the characters you have on you blog banner look much nicer. If you could point me in the right direction it would be very cool.