Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder?

So after a barrage of posts recently things have dropped off here at the old Earth Alpha.

Well let me explain.

February 11th was the anniversary of the passing of my mother. As that day got closer and closer I started feeling less and less "chatty" I guess would be the term. Fortunately my girlfriend and my friends were more than supportive and the dreaded day passed without any drama.

The other thing is that I was getting depressed by the lack of employment opportunities as I watch my EI slowly dwindle and get ready to go away. Not a lot of fun. One of the primary reasons I have decided to leave Montreal at the end of my lease and relocate back to Vancouver.

The last issue has been dealing with the Final Age project (the fantasy setting we are working on) and then looking at costs for art and such for the Zenith Comics Presents project, so that was sort of taking up my mind as well.

That said, while there are still no jobs on the horizon, I am ready to get back to work and start getting down to brass tacks with the projects. So hopefully over the next few days I will be able to start posting again. Let's stay positive.



  1. Stay positive!

    I'm looking forwrd to more as well!!!

    Onwards and upwards...

    If you do move back to Vancouver...send me a PM (Van is my hometown) and I can tell you where the good rpg stores are..

  2. Dude there is only one store for me, Drexoll ;)

    If you are up for it I will be assembling a new group when I get there to play... just saying. ;)

    And thanks to you both for the kind words, just have to get through the rest of this week to feel normal again.

  3. damn !!!!!

    That's where I go for all my gaming needs!!! Darcy is the man, man!!!!

    Ping me when you get to town, it would be fun to play BASH with ya!!!...