Monday, February 1, 2010

Temporary Logo Change

Feeling the need to spruce the place up a bit while I work on this superhero stuff I am going to be playing with the banner at the top a bit.

For now I am using a place holder of the Zenith Comics Presents! logo.

This will more than likely change soon.

Tomorrow I get my new laptop... oh joy! It's like Christmas Eve or the last day of school! Tomorrow is just full of possibilities now. Tee hee.



  1. It is a very spiffy, retro logo.
    --I wouldn't toss it in the skip just yet. :)

  2. the orange really pops against the dark blue background...very nice

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys.

    I was thinking of combing the original logo with this of a sorts having it say;

    Zenith Comics Presents!

    Earth Alpha

    As if Earth Alpha was the title of a comic.

    What do you think?

  4. do it! it's your blog and your comic-book universe, and if it motivates you to create, then all the better!!