Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Setting Idea

So Bashman suggested my compiling all my setting information into a source book, presumably for BASH! but certainly could be stated for other games as well.

Now I have plans to release roster books of villains for $4.99 on pdf each, but now I am considering this in stead.

There are a few points to consider as I think about this;

1] My campaign is designed and set in 1984. While I can ignore this with roster books, not so much in a setting book. Is there a market for a 1984 set campaign universe? Really?

2] Art. Right now I have some irons in the fire to get characters drawn up in static poses for roster books, but to do it as a setting will require more "action" or "scene" art. That's a lot more involved and not sure how to get that for cheap or profit-sharing.

3] I originally made my setting as a full world, then as a city and now I am not sure. I think global settings are lacking and that Freedom City, while great, is too focused for my tastes. That said the success of the project cannot be denied.

So, any thoughts on this train? ;)


  1. Why not? The 80-'s would be a great time to play in. It's the climax of the Cold War, Reagan's in office, the clothes, the music...

    It'd be like, totally awesome!

  2. Joe... I am not sure if I should hug you or beat you. ;)

    TS - Good point on the desire issue. Certainly I have alwaya felt the Zenith Universe would make something fun to share with everyone. Though I could build interest through the roster books by giving tidbits of the universe.

    My 1984 is pretty much 1984 as we know it, though with super heroes. The point is though, what happens after you start the game.

    In 1985 the Crisis on Infinite Earths occurred and really changed modern comics forever.

    That's sort of the point of my universe, change, things never being the same again. A world where technology we take for granted today booms onto the scene 20 years earlier. Where the world promised by Cyberpunk comes, but much like our world today, without the destruction of all we know.

    Well in my campaign that depends on if they can make it through their Crisis first ;)

    Not sure that plays for a source book.

    In regards to the whole "art" thing; the point is without cash to pay artists, most publishers are limited as to what they can get. It will have to be one of those "let's see what happens" type of deals.

  3. Just passing thru- the world is too big a city is too small... How about "Zenith America". Just focus on the events that alter life in the US.

    Really we've been xenophobes for as long as Old Glory has waived. Supers would only magnify this. WW2 would have bred a nuclear supers arms race and occult stuff wouldn't just make you a Satanist you'd also be a "damn Nazi!" Despite our standing on religious tolerance magic users might be prosecuted for treason etc.

    Just something I thought as I glanced at your blog.

    Also, you don't need a batman. No one does. That's part of his psychosis, that he 'has' to be out there. He doesn't, we all pay taxes so other people in uniforms can go take care of that stuff. Perhaps your character, whoever he turns out to be will actually be "Dime dropper". Or the "Omniscient Eye".

    He doesn't know Kung Fu, he doesn't have an Eye mobile, he just has a lot of folks with phones and a bunch of cameras that transmit via "microwaves" set up so he can fink to the cops. Better yet, have the whole thing be the result of a bored housewife trying to entertain herself rather than a kid motivated by "tragedy x".

    Imagine the comic, she spends her days dodging tea parties and visits from her mother in law so she can get to a phone. Her "nose powdering room" transforms ala the Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends apartment, with the mirror becoming a screen and the the furniture flipping around to reveal crazy blinking devices.

  4. Hey Matt,

    Thanks for the comments.

    In regards to Zenith America, I don't think it would really cover what I need. Perhaps I should just do it the way that Champions did back with the Champions Universe supplement.

    My issue I think it less with the location of the setting, but instead the timing. I am just not sure their is a market for a setting based in 1984. But that said, I am gonna give it a go for and see what happens :)

    Now in regards to the whole "Omniscient Eye" idea. Great idea man! I really like it. I will be fully honest, it isn't what I am looking for exactly, as I want a Batman. I want that hero that goes out there and does the deal despite having no powers.

    That normal guy in the world of supers is what I like more than anything else about the Batman concept. I can't stand the "mystique" of Batman, that he is perfect and no one can touch him, yadda yadda yadda. The modern overwriting of Batman bores the tar out of me.

    Still I like the Omniscient Eye as sort of a Golden Age Oracle.