Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Roster of the Banner

Okay these are the peeps in the picture from left to right;

Back row: Doc Titan, Sparrowhawk, Guardsman, Titan, Black Atlas, Thunder, Mariner, Bronco, Brute, Cyberknight, Amazona, Max Plastic and Zorn.

Middle row: The Angel, Optic, Jack Flash, Nightstar, Turbo-Fox, Doctor Diablo, Liberty Lass, Zero-G, Golden Hornet 2, Dragonfly, The Spider, Wisp, Doctor Destiny and Aqua.

Front row: Dr. Dynamite, Glitter, Major Victory, Kid Victory, Spangle, Lady America, Vapor Girl, Micro, Telepath, The Scarlet Wasp, Gyro, Magnet, Gravity and The Golden Hornet.

There ya go :)

Edit: Forgot to add in Optic in the middle row :P

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