Monday, February 8, 2010

The Red Menace & More Public Domain

As the loyal readers know I am working on developing and hashing out my Silver Age for the Zenith Universe, as that will have a direct link to the Bronze Age which the campaign is set at the latter edge of.

In doing so I get to do something I haven't had a chance to do for a long time... develop Soviet supers!

For me the Cold War, while not a lot of fun in the real world, provides an excellent and deep pool to dive into for creativity and story telling. Back in the 80's and early 90's I had developed a crap-load of Soviet supers, complete with authentic Russian names thanks to my roommate at the time who had studied Russian in college.

More on that as it develops.

As for the Public Domain, I have come to a most excellent decision as to how I am going to progress on using it.

There is a team in my world called the "Protectors of New York". I had used them once for a campaign, but had never really developed them beyond some PCs who stepped in after the original team was killed in the collapse of the Twin Towers.

Since I have no notes and they were always just sort of this "other" team, I have decided to tap the Public Domain heroes and create a team who's names can never be on the front cover!

The premise is that they were a bunch of heroes who came together during the Golden Age and were battling Nazis or what have you, when they all got turned into statues by some evil axis magician character (you can see I have really fleshed this out ;) ) and were left in a warehouse in New York from 1942 on.

Flash forward to 1976, the country's Bicentennial and somehow (haven't decided yet) the spell is broken and they are all suddenly 33 years later than they should be.

This to will be more on it as it develops.

As always thoughts, suggestions, comments and feedback are more than welcomed, they are sought.

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