Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Banner Test 3

Okay so this is the direction I am going for as I keep testing this stuff.

Thoughts on this one?


  1. Thanks, it remains a work in progress. :)

    My ultimate goal would be to get it redone by a professional artist, but I imagine that would cost a small fortune based on character numbers ;)

  2. thanks for the link m'man!!! I am a big fan of your blog and I am quite keen to GM my own BASH game as soon as I can..

    Our group has been playing Savage Worlds (we love it!) since the first test drive rules came out...but BASH is the first new system I have seen in a long time that I really want to run...

  3. It has a slight learning curve, but once you "get it" it is the most fun I have had since MSH Classic! :D

    Thanks for the kind words about the blog. Be sure to buy my product when it comes out ;)

    And you should totally start your own blog about your game, I promise to follow it :)

  4. So I will redo this one tomorrow I think, as I want to put them on three levels and this one was just sort of mashed together ;)

    Still thanks for the positive feedback as it really encourages me to keep creating weird stuff from my brain.

  5. quick do I add the colour to the over all body of a character with fabrica_x? I can't seem to figure that part out..

  6. I dig it.
    @therealtony- Thanks- I hope you get the chance to play the game soon.

  7. I like it.

    I am a huge fan of Fábrica de Heróis and the Bruce Timm style, so I like this.

    I am just now getting into BASH. I converted over a couple of M&M characters to it and we are supposed to get a game on soon.