Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mighty Super Heroes! or Excelsior! ?

This is the question.

I have promised to do a retro-clone this year of MSH Classic (FASERIP for those who remember) in response to my feelings on 4C. Yes I wasn't very impressed.

Now over on Grognardia there was some talk about MSH Classic today and I posted about this. Naturally I posted about my plan to do this and how I wanted to call it "Mighty Super Heroes!" Get it? M-S-H?

Anywho, an upright citizen named Delta reminded me and everyone that Marvel and DC hold the trademark on the term "super hero". Now while I don't fear that they would come after me for a "free" project, nonetheless anarchist (yes I see the delicious irony in that) suggested calling it "Excelsior!" instead. I like that too.

So what do you think folks? What are you thoughts on title?

Comment please :)


  1. MSH it will at least be recognizable to people. I wonder if anyone owns a copyright on the word "FASERIP" though?

  2. So I just read far too much on the trademark of the term "Super Hero" and I have to say it sucks. A damn shame that such a simple and widespread term is not allowed to be used for promotion or advertising thanks to the legal system.

    Now someone has suggested that the word "Excelsior" is trade-marked, but I can't find any evidence of that with my limited search abilities.

    Anyone got any leads?

  3. Thanks Walt, I appreciate the offer and will take you up on it.

    One of the ideas I had for this was to hold a patronage money drive after the rules are done to build up cash for art (Hell if we could get enough was gonna see if there was a way to get a George Perez commissioned cover ;) ).

    Do you have a web gallery or something where I can see some of your work?

  4. Cool stuff Walt! Thanks for the link :) We will certainly speak again when this project gets more developed than just the seed it is right now ;)