Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Team Justice: Magnet!

This is intended to be a series of posts wherein I will post up members of various superteams, good and bad, with their stats as well as a brief history.

First up;

In 1978, when the Guardians became an officially UN Sanctioned superteam, the American government recruited Dr. Walter Van Jove, the world preeminent expert on superhumans, to help them develop a new American team. At first their idea was to recreate the patriotic Victory Squad from WW2 and even recruit the still active Lady America to lead it. Van Jove advised not to, stating that with it only being two years since the Bicentennial, a flag draped team of heroes would seem like a gimmick. Instead he proposed assembling a team of the best candidates from a secret government operation called "The Program" and elsewhere, so long as they weren't already known to the public. They agreed and Van Jove hand picked the original members of Team Justice (he did not alas have any control over the naming of the team and or the candidates from the Program).

The team was based out of a public headquarters in abandoned embassy of the former nation of Vaslavia (Liberated from Nazi control by the Soviets at the end of WW2). Conveniently their base of operations would be nicknamed "The Embassy" by the media. The Embassy was a combination of state-of-the-art and classic elegance. Keeping much of the original look of the Vaslavian embassy, it had a rather extensive subterranean complex added to it for special activities, housing of superpowered threats, storing of the team shuttle, etc... all built under the watchful eye of the Army Corps of Engineers.

With a home base and a name, all that was needed were members. The first, hand picked by Dr. Van Jove, was;

Dr. Martin Fowler
(Stats 14pts + Powers 26pts = 40pts)

Brawn: 1 Agility: 2 Mind: 4


Computers: Programming
Drive: Control
Pilot: Control
Science: Physics +1AM
Technology: Repair

Animation 4 [Limit: Metal objects only]
Deflect 3 [Limit: Only vs. Metal/Energy based attacks]
Flight 3
Force Field 5 [Limit: Only affects metal/energy based attacks]
Magnetic Blast: Special Attack 5 [Enhancement: Variable]
Magnetic Mastery 4
Telekinesis 5 [Limit: Only affects metal]


Rogue’s Gallery

Mental Malfunction
Control, Must Be In Control

Magnet, really known as Dr. Martin Fowler, was American's leading expert on magnetism and stellar energy collection. Not a product of the Program, he gained his powers when his attempts to capture part of the Van Allen Belt for study using a long range Stellar Energy Converter went wrong and the resultant explosion bathed him in the strange energy. With the power to control magnetic fields, he was recruited by Van Jove from the government facility he was recovering at.

Made the leader of the team, his personality is best described as no-nonsense and straightforward. In fact his reliance on logic has been exposed as an Achilles Heel by some of his enemies, finding him predictable. That said though, his massive amount of power balances that out, even playing to his favour.

He was rumoured to be romantically linked to his teammate Gravity and then after that Telepath, though no proof of these affairs has surfaced.

Pictured: Original costume (top) and recent 1984 costume (left)

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