Thursday, January 21, 2010

Team Justice: Gravity!


Karen Harris

(Stats: 9pts/Powers 33pts/Weakness -2pts = 40pts)


Brawn: 1 Agility: 2 Mind: 2


Negating Weakness: Stellar Matter


Military: Tactics

Pilot: Evasion/Control

Science: Physics


• Boost; 2 Mind with Gravity Powers

• Anti-Gravity: Flight 3 [Enhancement: Usable on Others]

• Gravity Manipulation: Telekinesis 5
• Gravity Screen: Force Field: 5 [Enhancement: Variable]
• Gravity Blast: Special Attack: 5 [Enhancement: Variable]

• Gravity Multi-Power: 10pts

- Deflect 3

- Push 5 [Area: Burst Medium]

- Immobilize 5 [Enhancement: Variable]

- Slow: Huge Burst. Resist with Brawn


Never Surrender



Mental Malfunction



Gravity was supposed to be the first American woman in space. Lt. Karen Harris had been selected for the astronaut program and was training day and night. Her placement had not yet been announced when an accident removed her from that role and gave her a new one as a super hero. The details of the accident remain classified at the highest levels, even today, but the end result of that accident was that she was imbued with mastery over the very forces of gravity itself.

Placed on Team Justice as a military aspect by demand of the Pentagon, she served as a 2nd in Command to Magnet. There were rumours that they were linked romantically, though none can be confirmed.

Her personality was a more laid back one than Magnet's, certainly she was easier going and more open to the ideas of the other teammates and in combat she could improvise quite well, making her unpredictable to enemies.

In 1980 she left the team under undisclosed circumstances and joined the Guardians. Alas her life was lost in the deadly attack by Übermann in 1983.

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