Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lady America - BASH!

Here is Lady America written up in BASH Ultimate Edition for the new Ultimate Guardians campaign.

Note that due to players being able to read this blog, I have had to leave a couple of things blank. These are things to be discovered through play.

Also I have included a Timm done of her in her City of Heroes costume. While not perfectly how I see her, it is a good look.

With out further ado;

Lady America
Amanda Reese
Power Level: 35pts

Stats (16)

B: 2
A: 4
M: 2

HP: 3/_
XP: _

Powers (16)

Attack Weak Point
Disarm Expert
Fleet of Foot
Keen Senses
Martial Arts 3
Mind Spikes 5
Swift Strike

Skills - Physical
Athletics – Acrobatics
Drive – Steering
Pilot – Control;
Stealth – Evading Security

Skills – Mental
Military – Command
Security - Surveillance

Never Surrender
Quick Thinking
Security Clearance

Rogue’s Gallery

Mental Malfunction
Super Patriot

*Duty - New Disadvantage; You work for or are beholden to some group or organization that can call upon you to perform tasks or such, thereby interfering with your life and your heroing.

**Nightmares - New Disadvantage; You suffer from nightly nightmares due to something in your past, outside forces, premonitions (work it out with your Narrator). As such each morning you must make a difficulty 20 Mind check or suffer 1d6 Setbacks for that day.

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  1. Love the look. Also saw the "Evil Clone" on Superbuddies, and thought it was great (tried to register for superbuddies just to say that, but kept messing up the confirmation code). Post up her evil clone, please!