Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Had A Strange Dream

I don't normally do this, but it was so vibrant that I felt the need to get it down and heck why not share it.

It started out I was home in the Gaspé visiting my father when I noticed some police going through our basement. I mean a lot of police. So I went down to find out what the hell was going on and was pretty much told to mind my own business.

My father was there and he demanded to know as well, this angered the police who tried to threaten us away, but my father held his ground until one of the cops got fed up, he seemed to be in charge, and grabbed by father's head and snapped his neck with inhuman strength.

"Kill the other one."

On hearing that I tackled the closest cop and wrestle his gun away. Shots were fired. I know I hit at least two of them, including the leader who I killed.

The dream then had me on the run, through shrubs and bushes and backyards. I avoid a dog, some kids out playing on their bikes late at night, etc... Somehow I have been on the run for months and have made it from Gaspé to Vancouver, where I used to live (for anyone who doesn't know Canadian geography that's like going from Cape Code to Seattle). The other things I have figured out is that the cops I saw were actually aliens pretending to be humans and that they had infiltrated our society on every level.

Shades of V, They Live and the Arrival... I know, but hey I didn't write this stuff... or did I? What creative control do we have over dreams? Sorry, getting off topic.

So I am back in Vancouver, where being a homeless drifter is easy to blend in. For some reason I am heading to a semi-private bar I used to drink at called the WISE Club (Welsh, Irish, Scottish and English Club), though I have no lucid knowledge why in the dream.

Once inside I see Monte, who I used to drink scotch with. He lets me in and tells me to go clean myself up in the bathroom. I do and then come out of the stall to be greeted by two goons, who I quickly learn are aliens. Naturally a fight breaks out and I am not doing well as these Aliens are super strong.

I manage to run, and suddenly I am not longer in the WISE but some sort of truck stop/motel. I don't know. I manage to kill one of the aliens chasing me with a hastily grabbed fire-axe and just as the other is about to shoot me he is instead shot in a timely fashion. I look up to see a young black man and a young white blonde woman. They give me to old "Come with us if you want to live."

I go with them where they introduce me to an older scientist lady in a wheel chair, played by Kate Bush in this dream. I have "cleaned up good", naturally as you do in such films, and Dr. Kate starts to explain what is going on.

The aliens have been here for years, slowly infiltrating all levels of power. They use a visual light-bending technique to hide from us, in plain sight, but she has developed a lense that let's you see them. Told you it had They Live elements in it.

She tells me that she is part of a resistance that are trying to figure what the aliens want and how to stop them if possible. When I ask her how she knew about me, on cue Monte enters the scene, just like in a good movie.

I put in the contact lenses and we go for a walk around Vancouver, Gas Town to be precise. I can see these aliens everywhere. They are talk and ugly with big black eyes, essentially a mix of the Psychlos and the Greys. That's right, Battlefield Earth has infiltrated my dreams. Dear goddess help me.

We fast forward somewhat, I am not a valued part of the team and an action hero it seems. The blonde who rescued me and I have some kind of unspoken mutual romance thing going on, naturally, but dare not speak its name. It's all very Sci-Fi Original, as in not original at all.

There is some sort of raid on our secret base, Blonde Love Interest is kidnapped, Dr. Bush is killed, Monte, Black Guy and I all escape with a captured alien. We are in a field on the other side of a bridge, somewhere in the country. We torture him to get answers, which we do.

Then the phone rings and wakes me up.

Now why am I telling you about this? Well two reasons;

1] I rarely have dreams that follow a cohesive narrative, even one ripped off from a bunch of movies I have seen.

2] This is, as far as I know, an untapped genre in rpgs. The "aliens walk amoung us" type of thing. Why is that?

That's it. That's all I got on this. If you have any thoughts about this, please feel free to share them. Otherwise I am blaming this one on the bad potatoes I fried up for supper.


  1. Quite the dream. And it does sound like a good rpg scenario.

  2. Certainly when I was a teenager I wished that V had been turned into an RPG and used to beg my ref at the time to run one, using any system but he never did.

    More's the pity.

    As I can't say I am a fan of the new V, I think having the alien invaders be overt would lose something, instead they would have to remain a mystery, a shadow that you encounter the deeper you go.

    I can see a system like Cyberpunk 20.20 handling such a setting with ease and elegance.

    Food for thought I suppose.

  3. Esoterrorists would be an excellent system for this if you were looking to do an investigative, X files kind of setting. Cyberpunk would be a great action simulation, but would completely miss the potential of the setting. The magic would not be "there's an alien, shoot it!" It would be "is this woman helping me an alien?"