Friday, January 8, 2010

Guardsman BASH!

Nathan Prince
36pts (Stats 20pts/Powers 20pts/Weakness -4)


Brawn: 4
Agility: 4
Mind: 2

Devastating Weakness: Argonite (Negating/x3 Damage) (-4pts)

Acrobatics: Throwing/Running/Climbing/Jumping
Military: Command/Tactics

Ability Boost: Brawn (Uppercut Punch!) 3
Armour 3
Attack Weak Point
Eye Beams: Special Attack: 5 (2 Range/+3DM)
Fleet of Foot
Flight 5
Martial Arts: Tough Style

Never Surrender
Security Clearance

Public ID
Rogue’s Gallery

Mental Malfunction
Square jawed hero.

Guardsman started out as a hero in the Golden Age. A bit late to the show, he only appeared on the scene in 1944, but his arrival was a giant impact on the day.

He claimed to have been given his powers from a magical helmet he had found, but more than once he had the helmet knocked off his head and never seemed to depower.

Never a member of the wartime super teams, he did work with plenty of them throughout the Golden Age and seemed to attract the attention of German super die Übermensch in a big way. The two had epic battles, the last being over Berlin as the Allies closed in.

Returning home he agreed to President Truman's request that he form up a national team for the protection of America. He called that team the Golden Guardsmen, after himself of course.

According to all other heroes who knew him, the one thing greater than his power was his ego. Still his impressive nature and awesome powers served him well and he became the gold standard for superheroes for the next three decades.

In 1983, while still leading the Golden Guardsmen, Guardsman was killed in battle by die
Übermensch and his team of anti-American villains, the Axis of Evil. It was a tremendous loss for a nation and the world.

His funeral was broadcast around the world and was attended by many leaders of the free world and a who's who of the heroes of the world. Even Soviet hero Red Guard issued a statement praising the heroics of Guardsman, and of course condemning his capitalist politics.

To say the world is lost without their premiere hero is an understatement. The Golden Guardsmen, all lost save one in the attack, are no more and Team Justice does what it can to hold the line, but Guardsman's absence has left a large void to fill.


  1. Okay- what program are you using to make these drawings? I wants it!

  2. I am using an old version of Fábrica de Heróis which had the Timm style templates.

    I am not as much a fan of the new version, but some seem to like it.

  3. Alas, the links to the program are all to a rapidshare thing that says "there are no free download slots available, become a premium member, yada yada yada". So to download it, one would have to be a paid member of rapidshare, or have been lucky enough to download it during that window when rapidshare was free...

  4. Let me get back to my computer in the city and see what I can do for you.